A test post and its results

It was a dark stormy night… Just kidding! Well it is stormy right now but the point of this post isn’t it. I want to apologize to those of you, my lovely readers on Sparkled Beauty, for the pictures in the post earlier today that should have remained unseen.

You might or might not know, my blog feed is shared on a local social site called Haligonia (together with other local blogs) and they kindly tweet out our new posts daily. In the last month or so, I got a few mean tweets (as replies to the tweets by Haligonia) that were uncalled for. I am on twitter a lot, so that kinda hurts.

The mani I showed you today did not meet any blogging quality but I posted it as a test. If a normal post got some hate, what about a bad post? You guys on here were too nice to say anything. Twitter, however, tore it apart, without mercy.

I proved to myself that I am not built for publicity and at this point in my life, I don’t need it. This winter has been the hardest I have experienced. So I replaced the post with a green Keep Calm sign (for St. Patrick’s Day) and will not seek exposure with Haligonia twitter anymore. I still blog on, rest assured. Just thought I owe you an explanation.

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