A Thank You to Salvatores

Home from University on Christmas Break in the winter of  ’94, My wife and I, just rashly married at the tender age of 22,  we were out shopping for presents for family and trying to buy local before it was a thing.

We decided to hit up the Hydrostone. While there we stumbled across a new pizza a place that we hadn’t seen before but it smelt good so we decided to give it a try. We are glad we did in a way our world changed. I believe we split a Miguel but I may be wrong on that detail.  Twice more before we returned to Ontario for school we ate at Sal’s, we spent that summer working in Guelph but when we were home for a trip we made sure to stop in and have a pizza. Come the Winter of ’95 we are expecting a child and come home. All through December – April we went almost every week and somehow it was my fault you we’re closed on Mondays . Late April comes and we have our son, and as soon as she was ready to go out in the world we bring our boy in his sling to his first restaurant. The years pass we settle down back here in HRM, you add Meatball Heroes, and I love you for that. Whenever we try a new pizza anywhere else we compare it to Sal’s, and it never measures up! We decided to stop comparing, as comparing it to other pizzas is just unfair as it is different/elevated from everything else.

We have found other pizza we love in Chicago, NYC and Boston but still Sal’s stands alone, it’s often on our eat out list. My son now 17, is a preacher for the Original and the Meatball Hero and has converted many of his friends. He has grown up on Sals and often choose it when it’s his turn to pick. Salvatores has always been a kinda been part of the family. Over the 19 years it has always been just the one location, delivering a great product with great service. I thank you for being a role model for the small local joint that is the template for greatness.  I am currently throwing around the idea of a small business of my own and you are an inspiration. You have done Halifax proud.


Arthur Gaudreau
Halifax ReTales

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