NOTD: China Glaze Infra Red

Omg guys, I have been so busy in the last few days, I didn’t even know where the weekend went. The only time I had to sit down with my laptop was when I was about to crash.

Posts will be scattered (pun intended, considering the nail polish I’m talking about next), once again this week, unfortunately.

The good side of things is I have a holo nail polish today – China Glaze Infra Red. It is a good colour to be made into a holo, I gotta say. Darker base, scattered holo 🙂 Definitely a popular choice in the fall, but I wear my nail polish shades all year round, not seasonally.

I recalled when words about China Glaze Hologram collection were announced, everyone was so excited. Unfortunately, China Glaze only went half way with the holographic goodness with these non-linear colours.

See Infra Red here without the glamour of a flash, it looks just like a regular nail polish, no hint of holo whatsoever. I do like the base colour enough to not disregard this bottle all together, and I like how the fuchsia red glows under direct lighting but wish we could have it all the way, in any source of light.

See my point about how it just glows, in closeup for dramatic effect lol. Sure there are brands out there that make crazy liner holographic polish, I just choose not to “haul” as much as I used to – because of the overflowing status of my stash, and a mortgage to pay 🙂

Did you see my rare weekend post? Were you tempted to grab the deal? I have been quite enjoying the products myself, will try to get a review up soon.

Other than that, I hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready to dive into August. Crossing my fingers that my life would slow down a bit so I can actually celebrate the new house (and my birthday) a little more energetically.

Have a good one!

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