A Trip to McD’s in Dartmouth Crossing

First off many of you may be asking doesn’t he ramble on about local? I do and have been really great this year other than a trip to a Montreal St. Hubert this is my first visit to a chain restaurant in 2014.

Had a busy day yesterday forgot to eat and I wanted immediate satisfaction today, and the lure of the Golden Arches called


The closest to me was Dartmouth Crossing, which I still find odd doesn’t have a free standing M sign towering at the driveway. I enter and of course it is complete chaos there is no semblance of lines and people don’t know who is waiting to order or who is waiting for food. I heard 5 time some ask are you in line? C’mon McD’s figure that out!

They Figured out Coffee Rush, but McD's cant figure out a lunch line

They Figured out Coffee Rush, but McD’s cant figure out a lunch line

There were some new menu items I chose one, the Buffalo Chicken Poutine I immediately though of the words of the great Bluth’s

also Shrimp!!

Seriously who has been ordering Filet o Fish? WHO?

Seriously who has been ordering Filet o Fish? WHO?

Here is the Buffalo Chicken Poutine



It’s actually pretty close the gravy could have been warmer to melt the curds


They actually tried to be all fancy by asking my name, I rarely give my real name  this time I gave Pikachu, NAILED IT


Also had a Big Mac which is the craving in the first place and it was what it is. I will try to stick to my local ways and I don’t really feel better for going, I suspect I will regret it soon.

However the worst part of the experience wasn’t the disorganized lines, it was the Beeping
OH MY the Beeping!!

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP  BOOP BOOP BOOP BEEEEE BEEEEE the entire time I was there! Why so much Beeping!!!pulling-out-hair




fried cauliflower rice

Fried Cauliflower Rice


Were you traveling in Cape Breton today? RCMP request public assistance, Victoria County, N.S.