A Wise Investment

Last week, I commanded you to check out the inaugural LATE, LIVE & PETER WHITE at Joker’s Comedy Club, and it seems that some of you heeded my warning as the club was jam-packed with people eager for lulz.

Today, I’m happy to share with you a sketch from the show!

Now please, if you’re easily offended, I ask you to skip watching this video; the subject matter in this video is controversial. The views and opinions expressed in the following are not mine… they’re Peter White‘s. He’s a bad, bad man who made me say these awful things…


I would like to thank Peter White for being my trusty scapegoat.

LATE, LIVE & PETER WHITE is back again this Saturday night at 11:00pm! For more info: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=120807931270639

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