Late, Live & Peter White

A few months ago, I was working the best part-time job ever: working the door at a comedy club. This meant I would escort patrons to their seats, and then sit down and watch the show (often with a free soft drink)!

This allowed me to get fairly familiar with Halifax’s incredibly talented stand-up comedy scene.

One of my hands-down favourites, Mr. Peter White is now starting his own live talk show at Joker’s Comedy Club (5680 Spring Garden Rd.) called LATE, LIVE AND PETER WHITE

The show will take place every Saturday night, starting this Saturday night, the 15th at 11:00pm and will include interviews, sketches, joke tellings, and maybe a seance. Oh, and did I mention it’s FREE?! You’d be stupid not to go, you’re not stupid, are you?

Some of the sketches shown will also include my ugly mug!

So join the LATE, LIVE AND PETER WHITE Facebook Group and stay up to date on the shows!

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