A Year in Movies

First off—merry post-Christmas, everyone, and an early “happy New Year”—2008 is almost dead! I had a great Christmas in Dartmouth. Mia, le chat, was having such a good time at my parents’ place that I left her there for a few extra days, much to the dismay of their cats that she tortures. She is small, but insolent.

The few days I had off were spent eating massive amounts of peanut brittle, watching SPACED and the Office (UK) Christmas special, and re-hashing old laughs with friends. When I got out of the house, it was to sneak in a few extra movies before the end of the year. I’m not sure if anyone paid attention to the top left corner of mein blog, but I’ve been keeping track of all of the movies I’ve seen this year (the book list was a failure, sadly).

All together, I recorded 140 titles. I think that accounts for 75% of what I watched (I remembered four as I wrote this blog entry). It’s a pretty hilarious list. I only counted movies that I was seeing for the first time, so as to not bear the shame of highlighting multiple viewings of Iron Man (3), Sex in the City: The Movie (2), and Scrooged (3).

In the grand tradition of High Fidelity (3), here’s a smattering of film top-fives and other ponderings to get you through to January.

As a fitting end to a year where I watched too many movies, I think I’m going to stay in for New Year’s and cram in three or four more films before the end of the year. Not sure what movies yet… there must be a weird balance of 1970s schlock, John Hughes, Todd Solondz, and some kind of new release. Fun party.

INTERNET—what were your favourite/least favourite movies of the year? Do you approve of my choices (no ill will towards RDJ will be tolerated)?

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