Abandoned pets found in bins at dumpster – SPCA

Via the SPCA

“On Tuesday, July 3rd a person brought a rubber tote and a cardboard box containing 3 adult cats and 10 kittens inside, to our Dartmouth Shelter. They claimed that the containers were found by a dumpster at 36 Highfield Park Dr, in Dartmouth.


This is very frustrating to the SPCA because there is no need for abandoning animals and placing them in distress. Our shelter is just 5 minutes away and our doors are open for intake. The nursing moms and kittens were suffering from heat exhaustion and were quickly cared for by our staff.


We’re not sure what kittens belong to which mom, but they are all doing well and will be placed for adoption when ready. Please consider fostering with the SPCA.


Please DO NOT abandon any animal. There is always help. The SPCA does not judge, nor is any explanation required if you can no longer keep your pet.


We also offer a PUP program (Preventing Unwanted Pets) – here you can surrender puppies or kittens to the SPCA and we will spay the female for free and return her to your family.

Abandoning animals in Nova Scotia is so unnecessary.


If anyone has any information regarding these cats, please call our cruelty line at 1-888-703-7722 to speak with one of our cruelty officers. All calls are confidential.”


Source: Media Release / SPCA

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