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AllyG: Halifax has been bringing the sexy lately (as you can tell by our recent art show post). The reason for the increased sexy? An influx of hot new stores in the HRM. Two huge brands have had, or are having, their grand openings this week; Geox and H&M. I’m super excited to see some solid brands come this way, but I’d be even more excited to see them fill some of the best space in the city, which I believe is the heart of downtown. Seriously, can we get TopShop on Barrington St.? Call me Kate Middleton.

L-A and I got to visit the Geox store in Park Lane before the opening to take a look around. Our friends at Haligonia.ca will have a video of the look-see up shortly, don’t worry, we’ll let you know when it’s up! In all honesty, neither one of us knew what to expect before we hit up the Geox location. I had never heard of the brand (hey, I said I liked fashion, I never claimed to be an expert), but I have to say I was more than impressed. What sets Geox apart from other shoe brands is their technology. Basically, they are breathable shoes. It’s a patented system that allows for ventilation in waterproof rubber sole shoes. While my heart still belongs to John David when it comes to ridiculously hot stilettos, I love that Geox sells comfort in an attractive package.


They are stylish and functional. No one is going to try to steal them off your feet while you’re passed out in the bathroom of the local pub, unlike if you were rocking these Giuseppe Zanotti Platform Booties



But they are perfect for work, go with everything, and word has it that they last for years. The stylist, Theresa, who was kind enough to show us around informed us that Geox boots are where it’s at. They are apparently perfect to wear under and over jeans (I just got into boots over skinny jeans look and I kind of dig it). We’ll keep you posted. I do have to give Geox huge props for their men’s line. I want to pick up a pair of loafers for El Jeffe for Christmas, but after I gave him a Club Monacoshirt as a present recently, I’ve been receiving more and more hints about how he desperately requires a tool belt. Cause you know, we do so many massive renovation projects in our home. I still may need to pick up a pair of loafers for him. He hates wearing socks, and Geox has a diverse range of loafers that are all breathable!

Geox men

In other shoe news, over 4,900 parking spots were recently painted pink in Seoul as part of Women Friendly Seoul Project. Apparently, these spots are meant to make women feel more welcome in the traditionally “macho” environment. They are literally reserved for women wearing heels making it easier for them to park and go to work, or you know, the mall. I’m literally speechless.

And of course, H&M is opening at Mic Mac Mall this Thursday. With the massive ad campaign they have happening, I’m sure you’re well aware. I honestly can’t wait. H&M will be my first stop when I am looking to buy “regular” clothes again. Annnnnnd…cross your fingers, but we’re hoping to be able to work with Haligonia.ca again to try and make it over for the opening, perhaps try and chat with some folks in line and get toured around by H&M staff. We’ll let you know how that pans out!

Lastly (for me), Wicker Emporium has a marvelous contest happening right now. Check out their Facebook page and enter the Home Decor Contest for a chance to win a $200 shopping spree. Runner up wins $100. I have about 20 wicker emporium baskets in BabyG’s room and I still am convinced I require more (El Jeffe not so convinced). How can  you not love wicker baskets? Anything looks pretty in a wicker basket? Even my stack of US Magazines!

P.S. L-A, did you see Leighton Meester at the Teen Choice Awards? Smashing.


I know, right?

Also, where the eff are your parents?


L-A: Do you see that girl in the background of the Miley photo? Do you see how upset she is over the fact that her teen idol decided to skip on the pants and do a pole dance? Yeah. I would be too. I’d be feeling uncomfortable and wondering how I took a wrong turn and missed the Teen Choice Awards and ended up at the Bada-Bing.


Actually, I’m going to thank Miley. Because I was wondering how/when I was going to get a chance to incorporate a hilarious quote from “The Ugly Truth” (which I just finished watching. It wasn’t that bad. And I don’t care if y’all hate Katherine Heigl. I think she’s adorable and hilarious. She’s no Sandra Bullock, but I like her). While trying to figure out how short a skirt should be, a saleslady says to Katherine Heigl’s character, “showing vag means you’re trying too hard.”


Miley, with that band-aid of a skirt on, you are a quarter inch away from trying too hard. But I guess you checked with Jesus first and he said it was cool.  Maybe next time give Leighton’s stylist a call. That girl looked fierce.

Anyway, before this turns into another rant about Miley, I’m going to get back to the real topic at hand: shoes! and shopping in the city of Halifax!


I’m going to give you full disclosure here: Ally and I are totally ethical bloggers. We didn’t walk out of Geox with bags full of free shoes (although, that would have been awesome. But we’d tell you about it if we did. See? ethical!). We just got to hang out with the stylist for a bit and talk shoes. So anything we say is purely because we dug the shoes. Although, it was nice of the Geox peeps to give little old us some of their time. Not everyone wants to deal with bloggers (ahem, not naming names, but you are out there and you know who you are!).

So, these Geox shoes have a ton of science going on behind them. There is space age fabric involved in the sole. There are air vents. There are waterproof soles. Do you know what that adds up to? Shoes that just might be perfect for Halifax weather. Because if any city needed shoes that had a waterproof sole and could help wick away sweat on a humid day, well it is this city. Today is proof of that. And my damp shoes are also proof of that. And they are supposed to be cushiony and comfortable. And this is a good thing. Because comfortable shoes should be able to look good too.  Do you think shoes want to look like this?


Those shoes are truly unhappy.  And do what pretty, yet comfortable shoes mean?  It means you can wear something like the Geox flats walking to work.

10757-822428-d or geox_lola

I don’t love these particular loafers, nor do I really like the idea of them with a skirt for work, but they are a far more respectable choice than these:


I’m serious about that. Running/walking shoes with your sneakers? Not allowed. Ever. You don’t have to wear your stilettos, but you do need to wear something that’s just a little bit cute.

And while I can’t quite recall what technology is in the leg of their boots (elastic? a buckle?),  whatever it was, my immediate response was, “oooh! for fat calves!” Because I know you are out there fat calf girls. I’m with you and we need shoe designers to step it up and give us boots that fit our calves. Because if boots like these fit over my own fat calves, then I am buying a pair tout de suite:


Theresa the Stylist said she’s been wearing her Geox riding boots for the past three winters, which is a pretty decent endorsement.  She also gave us a great shoe shopping tip (so good, I used a bold font): shop for your shoes late in the afternoon, like around 4pm. Why? That’s when your feet are going to be at their fattest. I’m not kidding. If you’re feet are going to swell, that’s when they’ll be hitting their worst. And if the shoe fits at 4pm, then it’ll fit all the time. These are words to live by.  She also told us that for dudes who are determined not to wear socks in their shoes, these are a good bet if you ever want to be allowed bring your shoes in the house. Because no one wants stinky shoes in the house. Oh, and we totally agreed with her on athletic shoes being worn when you are not being athletic: It’s not allowed. This is an equal opportunity rule. Ladies don’t wear them with jeans or with skirts and same for the dudes. There are comfortable sneaker-like shoes out there and you should definitely wear those instead:


Anyway, I liked what we saw at Geox. Cute shoes for the ladies and really pretty kicks for the menfolk  – because lord knows y’all need more shopping opportunities! I’m not kidding. There needs to be more shopping in this city for dudes. There were also adorable kids’ shoes…but that’s a post for another day (kids schmids. this isn’t a blog about kids).   And hooray for stores choosing to open up in downtown Halifax. I’m getting sick of papered over windows up and down the main streets.


Main streets that I’d like one day call “main shopping streets”.  Just saying. Hop to it business people. Bring us some downtown fashion.

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