Addictions And Obsessions

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So clearly I’m addicted to plaid, there’s no question you might as well lock me up and throw away the key. But what is it that I’m newly obsessed with?? You’ll just have to keep reading to see.

Featured Items: Sweater And Boots: c/o Le Chateau. T-shirt, Target. Hat, Joe Fresh. Skirt, Gap. Bag, Winners. Necklace: c/o Beck and Boosh. Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington.
Okay so I know I need a plaid support group or something! I promise I’ll switch it up here soon on the blog! Hopefully you’re into it as much as I am! Yes denial is a very effective coping mechansim I’m glad you asked. 
So onto my latest obsession (say it with a french accent it’s kinda fun). If you guessed my new Samsung Galaxy Alpha you’d be right! This phone is AH-MAZING! I mean I have to say that I’m quite impressed with its image quality, and I think it’s pretty cool that you can finger print protect some stuff on there; who doesn’t have sensitive information on their phones these days? Annnnnywhoo I’m obsessed, so be prepared to see my instagram (@shortpresents) fill up to the brim with photos galore because this bad boy is pretty much a new appendage until further notice. If you’re curious about this phone make sure to check out all the details on the Samsung website, or just click here !
Hope you have a great weekend! And make sure to check out stylelist canada to see the rest of my Over The Knee Boots looks! 
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