Admiral Insurance: Embracing An Inclusive Culture In The Workplace

Admiral is Embracing an inclusive culture by attracting diverse, dynamic talent to create success in today’s challenging environments.

For over a decade Admiral has been practicing what the world is slowly starting to realize – an inclusive work environment is quite simply more productive by attracting top talent, high employee engagement, and better retention.


Having an inclusive culture is the core of Admiral.

Kyle MacPherson was shocked to see and feel the difference at Admiral. “You never know what your experience will be when beginning with a new employer. Will your colleagues understand and accept you? Will the management team do the same? Even the most open and confident of us can have these thoughts in the back of our minds. But I have never felt this way at Admiral. From day one I was appreciated, and no one treated me differently. This sentiment was reciprocated by many other people when I asked them the same question. Individuality is an asset here and it’s encouraging to have such a diverse group of colleagues to work with.”

“Individuality is an asset here, and it’s encouraging to have such a diverse group of colleagues to work with.”
– Kyle MacPherson, Customer Loyalty

Admiral provides a workplace where you can be yourself and where your opinions matter. By setting up five different inclusion sub-committees, they ensure that their practices and culture align with the interests of all staff; no matter their race, age, sexuality, gender, or abilities.

“There is never an idea on improvement that is shot down and constructive feedback is readily available at all times, so you can fine-tune your ideas,” shared Admiral team member Heather Gingell.


Admiral cares for their team like their family.

Ollie Craig has been at Admiral for almost three years. They had never worked for a company that celebrates inclusion. “They put their money where their mouth is and are a gold supporter of Halifax Pride. They recognize the importance of mental health and work/life balance: they bring a (free-to-us) counsellor in quarterly, a hair dresser bi-weekly, and massage therapists three times a week!”

Ollie quickly found out how supportive the Admiral team is when they transitioned socially at their workplace before coming out to their family. “The acceptance I found in my co-workers and their coaching on how to tell my parents helped me in ways I wasn’t expecting.”

Ky Greyson of Admiral has put his passion forward in creating an in-depth Gender Sensitivity Training course for management and staff.

The course educates on the spectrums of gender identity, expression and attraction.  The course was such a success that it is now part of new starter training going forward with the goal to reach all members of staff in the coming months.


Be yourself at Admiral.

Admiral puts a lot of effort and investment into making sure that the office is a great place to work. Challenge, opportunity and career path development are encouraged, and fun is never frowned upon. The culture is honest, open and wholeheartedly focused on four key areas: communication, equality, reward & recognition, and fun.

Admiral prides itself with its open-concept work area that includes low cubicle walls and no private offices regardless of position. The dress code is relaxed as staff are encouraged to feel comfortable. Everyone has their own desks, which can be personalized to the individual.

The result of having inclusion at the core of everything Admiral does is a growing business that now has more than 450 people on their team.  Admiral consistently rank high at the “best of best” awards every year; including being ranked the Top 13 Company to work for in all of Canada. (

If you’re on the job hunt and looking for a company that cares as much about you as it does its bottom line, look no further than Admiral. You can search for Career Opportunities on the company site. (

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