Ads & Emmys

I’m having a fun weekend, and not just because I attended a party last night where everyone danced around to “Stop” by the Spice Girls.

Oh come on, don’t tell me you don’t love that. And don’t tell me it’s not TV related, because my 12-year-old self memorized every dance move the Spice Girls ever did, and I certainly didn’t learn them from a book. (Sidenote: Did anyone else painstakingly collect all the stickers that came with the Spice Girls gum? It bothers me to this day that my collection was two stickers short.)

OK, so the two reasons that this is a fun weekend are the Emmys and my very own ad.

Remember by Big Day Downtown? Well, my shopping trip might be over but the fun isn’t. If you live in Halifax, you can still win your own Big Day Downtown, which is pretty cool. (Check out the website for details, or follow #bigdaydowntown on Twitter.) They also mentioned my blog in a Big Day Downtown ad, which is even cooler. So in a totally self-aware act of shameless self-promotion, self-indulgence, and a teensy bit of good old-fashioned gloating, let’s all look at my really awesome ad:
I’m famous! OK, not really. But I’m excited.

And speaking of famous, that brings me to the other fun thing about this weekend: The Emmys are on tonight! Nothing makes me happier than tearing up when celebs I love win awards, snarking it up when celebs I hate wear unfortunate fashions, and spending the evening eating chips and passing judgment on people who are wildly more successful and attractive than I am. We’ve got lots of entries for the super-awesome Emmy contest, and you can follow my reactions and admittedly shallow commentary on Twitter all night.

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