Adult-like Stylin’ and Royal Wedding Glee!

Ally: I was reading Facebook over the weekend, as I’ve been known to do, when I came across word that Mills is offering Saint James apparel. My first thought was, “Does L-A know about this?!”

That fashion show video was all kinds of low-budge, but it gives you an idea…

Work wear for L-A!

Ok, so maybe L-A has mentioned this brand before on the blog when I was either off my rocker on dirty martinis or sick as a dog. Sometimes I don’t pay attention so good.

While it’s not entirely my style, I can appreciate. Which must mean that my fashion sense is evolving.

In online shopping news, I ordered a necklace and a pair of earrings from Foxy Originals through a WagJag deal.

Cute dragonfly necklace in silver.

Arbor earrings in silver.

I love.

And of course, we need to talk Royal Wedding. As L-A mentioned in our Monday post, I actually sat through half of the crappy royal wedding movie (“inspired” by true events!).

If I’m being honest, I would have sat through the entire thing but it didn’t start until 9pm, and mommy goes to bed by 10pm at the latest. I even got El Jeffe into it. He gets super upset whenever an entertainment show references “the dress” moment as the moment that Wills fell for Kate. He thinks it’s utter bullshit.


Plus, the dress is just really, really bad. Very bad.

L-A: So much to address today! For starters: I had no idea about this Saint James clothing line or its availability in Halifax. I can’t believe I didn’t know. Because quite frankly, this shirt pretty much sums up my raison d’être:

Anchors and stripes? together? seriously?

I like to think I’m married to the sea. Even though my only boating experience is on passenger ferries to Newfoundland or Dartmouth. Oh, and a booze cruise. That isn’t going to stop my love of the nautical. I’m currently stocking up while it’s en vogue. And this particular Saint James outfit?

Yeah. I’d pretty much maim for that. So, ladies wearing this particular outfit: beware! I want your outfit and I’m in need of some new nautical and work appropriate clothing. I start my awesome work term today and my budget doesn’t currently include any shopping…but it can include maiming strangers. (kidding). (sort of).

(the fashion show video however? There were some busted walks and I wanted to smack whoever was in the audience yelling “work it girl” and “ah-owwwww” at the models).

Onto the royals! The trailer for that movie about William and Kate was 17 different kinds of cheese. And yet, throughout the cringing, I totally wanted to watch it and am now kicking myself for laughing at Ally and her dirty martini date with the movie.  Please say it’s coming on again before the wedding? Or is available by some other totally legal means (because I never ever illegally access media of any kind)? Regardless of whether I get my hands on that Lifetime movie (shit like that is why I need a DVR), I’ll be up bright and ridiculously early to watch the big event on Friday morning. I’m one of the judges at the breakfast at Atlantica (like any good judge, I’m now accepting bribes). (kidding).

And on the topic of the wedding, the Huffington Post is saying that it’ll be Sophie Cranston of Libélula designing the dress. So, if you were a gambling girl and about to get married, right now would be the time to order yourself a dress by Sophie Cranston – before her designs go crazy expensive.

Worst case scenario? You end up with a pretty dress to get married in. Best case scenario? You get a pretty dress and bragging rights that your dress was made by the same designer behind Kate Middleton’s soon to be famous dress before she was hot shit. It really is a win-win situation. Because isn’t that what your wedding is all about? Bragging rights?

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