Aerospace Manufacturer Plans Enfield Site Investment

Pratt & Whitney Canada is planning a $67-million investment at its facility in Enfield to build new centres of excellence for intelligent manufacturing.

Pratt & Whitney Canada established its Enfield facility in 1985 and this investment demonstrates the company’s commitment to continued growth in Nova Scotia.

“Today’s announcement represents an opportunity for us to develop the next generation manufacturing platform, using the most advanced technologies, right here in Nova Scotia,” said Benoit Beaudoin, vice-president, operations, Pratt & Whitney Canada.

The project includes creating centres of excellence that will enhance and expand the technologies and manufacturing processes for the company’s integrally bladed fans used in the new PurePower PW800 engine family. The turbine engine blades manufacturing line will also be modernized.

The company’s investment will span the next six years. It can earn up to 20 per cent of its investment back from the province during that time. The provincial capital rebate is an earned incentive, paid after the company invests.

“Pratt & Whitney Canada is an industry leader and a significant employer in the region,” said Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Michel Samson. “Through this capital rebate, we are supporting its multi-million dollar investment, a great example of the private sector leading economic growth in our province.”

The plant employs about 350 full-time staff and puts about $25 million per year in payroll into Nova Scotia’s economy. Based on current employment levels, the province collects an estimated $4 million per year in employment-related taxes from the company.

Founded in 1928 and based in Longueuil, Que., Pratt & Whitney Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

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