airing my dirty laundry

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I have a confession. I run a side business in staging & design….and this is my laundry room. It’s my dirty little secret.

People actually pay me to make sure their house is shown in the best possible light. They pay me to refresh & redesign their living spaces. They pay me to evaluate and organize.

This is the part of my house that is hidden when guests visit. The outside door won’t open without a two-handed pull with all my might. It doesn’t close without a solid hip and shoulder check. The plywood on the floor is covering part of the ugly linoleum – and the hole where my foot went through it.

You see, it’s rotting from the bottom up. And it’s possibly the worst use of space I’ve seen. It’s cluttered and disorganized. It’s painted in a lovely shade of burn-your-eyes-yellow. Notice the duck tape and Styrofoam patch? You can feel a stiff breeze on a windy day.

You know what they say…”the cobbler’s children have no shoes”.

Please help me break free from the shame.

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