Community Profile – House of A and M

Anna Chow and Marilyn McAvoy bring a veryinteresting skill set to the 14th Annual Craft Crawl.

AandMAnna is widely known for her abilities as a clothing designer and as a seamstress, her Chinese cooking, and now she has ventured into the realm of jewelry making. She started making jewelry for her friends and family but her interest and output created the situation where she had an oversupply and last year she sold some of her material at the Craft Crawl. Since then she has been supplying some gift shops with her creations.

Her interest and output continued and once again she will be offering her newest jewelry designs. She makes rings, necklaces, broaches, bracelets and earrings and works with beads, semi precious stones, crystal, sterling sliver wire and pure silver.

As a bonus this year, and by popular demand, a limited supply of her “famous” egg rolls will be available for sale at the Craft Crawl.

Marilyn is an artist who has worked on such projects as the movie “Titanic” where her creations were viewed and acclaimed internationally. She teaches drawing at NASCAD and has returned to an old hobby for her, knitting. She has developed some truly innovative new products. One of the most popular is a mohair wool hat that converts into a neck warmer or a head band. They are called “Toggle Hats” and once you see one, you will marvel at the genius of the design. This product is in high demand. She also does leg warmers and fingerless gloves. Her mix of colour and patterns is her trademark and some of her designs are in demand and for sale in local shops.

This material will be available at the “House of A and M”, the location is detailed in the Craft Crawl Brochure and at


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