Alanna Zabel AZIAM Active Wear Founder

Interview with AZIAM Activewear founder Alanna Zabel.

alanna zabelThis is the Alanna Zabel, celebrity yoga instructor and author of the book As I Am: Where Spirituality Meets Reality.


Alanna was just named one of “Hollywood’s Hottest Trainers” by Shape Magazine (January 2014) and in the past has been voted “Best Yoga Instructor in LA” by Los Angeles Family Magazine.  Her celebrity clientele includes Adam Levine and Kelly Lynch.

Alanna has a  21-Day Detox/Cleanse, program called The Dharma Zone to not only cleanse the body from post-holiday indulgences, but also to purify the mind of old patterns that may keep one from making less healthy choices.  This program which covers exercise, diet, nutrition, meditation, and lifestyle choices is intended to help people find their true self and purpose.

In addition, Alanna is the founder of AZIAM (pronounced As-I-Am), a modern lifestyle brand inspired by the ancient practice of Yoga, which includes the AZIAM Active Wear line. The AZIAM Active Wear line features luxurious fabrics, innovative designs, all while still remaining dedicated to being the best garment for one’s practice of yoga, making it one of the most sought after premium activewear brands on the market.

Check out what this inspirational women had to say to the Mother & Fitness readers.

Why is health and fitness important to you?

There is a continually evolving cycle of energy within and around us. When our energies stagnate, we risk separating ourselves from this Universal flow. Exercise and a clean diet help me to feel most connected to who I am, thereby making each moment of my life more powerful.

alanna zabelWhat do you believe is the most common issue women face when it comes to their health?

Hormonal fluctuations and/or imbalances. Not only do hormonal imbalances affect mood, energy levels and weight retention, but they also impact our health and risk for certain diseases. Some of the best ways to keep your hormones balanced is 1) moderate and consistent exercise 2) healthy diet with minimal additives (whole food) 3) low stress and 4) good sleep.

Why should women become involved in yoga?

The media and many of today’s societies innocuously place pressures onto women that are not natural. There are expectations to have a specific ratio of bust/waist/hip measurements that are not realistic. Yoga helps a person connect with who they truly are, and to be comfortable in their own skin. This often helps a woman disregard external pressures that deter her from being most true to who she is.

Can you explain some reasons why spirituality is important for women.

I believe that all beings are innately spiritual. Our societies, however, have shifted our values away from these natural spiritual qualities and towards consumerism, vanity, status and sensationalism instead. Yoga and meditation re-connect people with their natural, spiritual states. In general, one reason that women tend to focus more on spirituality than men is that they connect to creation energy during child-birth. The energy of a mother is one of love, purpose and selflessness – all of which lend to spirituality.

What advice would you give to other women?

Be true to who you are. Do not cave into pressures from the media in regards to how you should look. True beauty truly radiates from the inside. – 
AZIAM is a modern yoga lifestyle company, founded by Alanna Zabel. AZIAM is inspired by the ancient art of yoga.

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