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Julieanna Hever – The Plant Based Dietician

julieanna hever

Interview with Julieanna Hever – The Plant Based Dietician

Studying nutrition has been a rewarding experience for many reasons.

Not only has it made me a better wife, mom, personal trainer and blogger, it has introduced me to some of the most intelligent and inspirational people.

This is the beautiful Julieanna Hever M.S., R.D., C.P.T.,  aka “The Plant Based Dietician.” Julieanna has her masters of science in nutrition and follows a whole food plant based diet. Her Los Angeles, California based private nutrition practice helps elite athletes, adults and children with various nutritious of medical concerns.

Below is a list of Julieanna’s impressive credentials:

Best selling author of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant Based Nutrition.”
Co-author of the brand new book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Gluten-Free Vegan Cooking
Star of Veira Living TV’s “What Would Julieanna Do?”
Special consultant  for the documentary “Forks over Knives.”
Featured on “The Dr. Oz Show,” “Reluctantly Healthy,” and “E! News.”
Co-starring role  on “The Chef and The Dietitian.”
Co-producer and star of the “infotainment” documentary “To Your Health.”
Published in prominent journals, magazines, blogs, and newsletters.
Executive Director of EarthSave International.

Being introduced to Julieanna’s work has been eye opening. When you view a list of credentials, like Julieanna has, you become instantly inspired by the dedication and passion she has for nutrition.

I hope you enjoy reading the Mother & Fitness interview with the amazing Julieanna Hever.

Why is health and fitness important to you?

The number one control we have over our life is our food and fitness. Every time we make a choice about what to eat or how to move sets the stage for everything else. Being healthy and fit translates into our productivity at work, our relationships with family, our roles as friend, family, colleague, and more. We are what we eat and how we live is a product of our daily decisions. It is empowering to effect change in this simple, yet dramatic way.

What advice would you give a woman who is trying to eat better?

Start slowly by adding in health-promoting foods each day. Focus on eating nutrient-dense foods, like leafy greens, beans, other veggies, and fruits. Eventually start crowding out the health-damaging foods, like refined, processed foods and animal products with the healthier ones. Experiment with new recipes that are abundant online and in cookbooks.

What are a few of your favorite, easy to make recipes?

I always have a salad, oil-free tahini-based dressing, and oil-free hummus in my fridge. I am a working Mom so I need to keep things easy. When I cook meals, I whip up easy dishes like bean and corn burritos using canned beans and frozen corn on sprouted tortillas with salsa or whole grain pasta with marinara and broccoli. Simple is easiest in my house…and it is also the most nutritious.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

I am inspired by people. People who have paved the way for whole food, plant-based nutrition to grow into the spotlight, like Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, dietitians Brenda Davis and Ginny Messina, and Dr. Michael Greger. I am inspired by the people who have brought attention to the impact of our food on animal welfare and environment, like John Robbins and Dr. Richard Oppenlander. Of course, there are the food magicians…the chefs and cookbook authors who turn simple foods into gourmet deliciousness, like Dreena Burton and Robin Robertson. And I am inspired by the people who have allowed me to work with them and witness the magic firsthand. Watching the extraordinary results of people changing their diet and transforming their health is exciting and it is what makes me wake up early each day, eager to see what the day ahead brings.

What advice would you give to other women?

That it is important to remember to take care of yourself first. As they say, when you are in an airplane about to take off, that you should put your oxygen mask on before assisting others. As a woman, we are always concerned about nurturing and taking care of others, and we allow ourselves to fall by the wayside. But we are most effective when we are healthy, strong, and happy. So commit to eating well, exercising regularly, and doing things that make you happy. Everything else will fall into place once you accomplish that.

Learn more about Julieanna Hever here.

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