Souvlaki Style Pork Tenderloin Review

Souvlaki Style Pork TenderloinSouvlaki style pork tenderloin with mixed vegetables.

Being a busy mom of a toddler means I have the length of two “Barney” episodes to make dinner.

Yes, I am one of those mothers who sits their child in front of YouTube in order to get dinner ready.

Like most moms I am pressed for time, but that does not mean my family should suffer the nutritional consequences of my busy life. Nutrition is a huge priority for me which is why I make time to prepare easy, healthy recipes my family will enjoy. On the menu tonight is Canadian Livings’ March cover recipe, souvlaki style pork tenderloin with mixed vegetables.

I live by the basic advice, “eat colorful foods and lots of them.”  I know when my plate is filled with vibrant colors, my body is getting the nutrients required to run at its very best. This souvlaki style pork tenderloin recipe fits the colorful food mold perfectly. It is an appealing looking recipe with the ideal blend of health and great taste. It has only 293 calories per serving and takes 30 minutes to prepare from start to finish, which is one “Barney” episode in mom time.

My thoughts about the recipe.

There are two common misconceptions people have when it comes to eating healthy; one, it costs too much and two, it is difficult to prepare. I can happily say, in my best “I told you so” voice, this souvlaki style pork tenderloin recipe was easy on the wallet and very simple to make. The hardest part of the whole recipe was cutting vegetables, which COULD be hard if you were forced to use a dull knife, but you get the picture.

The instructions were short and sweet, something my mom brain truly appreciated. The measurements and portion sizes worked out perfectly; I was able to feed my family of three with a little room to spare.

The tangy flavor of lemon juice combined with greek yogurt sauce was delightful. It helped mask the sweetness of the sweet potatoes, winning my husband over instantly.

Overall, I would give this recipe five stars. The souvlaki style pork tenderloin was tender, the entire meal was filling, the vegetables tasted great, my family enjoyed it and the health benefits were plenty.

Changes I would make.

I rarely come across a recipe I would not modify and this is no exception. I am a health nut so it’s my natural instinct to add more veggies to everything. For this dish, I would add some yellow peppers, orange peppers and spinach. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide proper measurements for the additional veggies due to my terrible ability to guesstimate. A little known fact around my house? When I modify a recipe, there will be enough veggies to feed an entire football team.

What went wrong?

The only mistake I made was overcooking the sweet potatoes. For a brief moment, my attention was focused on a toddler meltdown due to a “Barney” episode technical difficulty. The end result, a working Barney episode, happy child but overcooked sweet potatoes.

The souvlaki style pork tenderloin review conclusion.

Preparing a healthy meal, like this one, is one of my favorite ways to connect with my family. Hearing the appreciation in their voices when we sit down for dinner makes the time spent in the kitchen worth it. After the many dinners made and numerous Barney episodes watched, I believe my feelings can best be described through song:

“I love you.
You love me.
We’re a happy family.
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
Won’t you say you love me too.”
– Barney, the big purple dinosaur

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