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Happy Spring!
Wow we are having a doozy of a couple of days. Today the temps are supposed to reach summer levels! 25C/78F I will enjoy it but it does kind of freak me out. Temps back to near freezing on the weekend. The orchard growers are nervous because the trees might start blooming with all this mild and whacky weather and then the frost will come and kill the tender buds. This picture was taken in May.  Forsythia in full bloom, it is the earliest flowering shrub around here and we still have a month and a half to go before it should be flowering.
I am almost finished with another cold. Sniffles drive me crazy. Drippy noses are not condusive to getting much done. I’ve managed to dispatch this one quickly!
In other news….I’ve signed on with a cross-stitch company in the UK and soon my paintings will be availabe as kits and patterns. Cross-stitch is something I have never been able to do, you need lots of patience I think, but the results are lovely! Will let you know when they are “live”
This was in our local paper this morning…. Halifax ranks as one of the top 4 places to live in Canada according to MoneySense magazine. I’ve always known that. You can read the article here.


Racial Discrimination - 5 novels

Racial Discrimination – 5 novels

Mango: Fashion for Simple People Like Ally

Mango: Fashion for Simple People Like Ally