All I Want For Halloween Is Brains!!

Halifax Zombie Walk, 2011

It's almost Halloween and if you're like me you've left your costume until the last minute. Now, I know zombies are a bit overrated (hey, they're better than vampires), but they do present with some awesome, gruesome blood 'n guts makeup fun.

I am notoriously terrible at applying costume makeup and what I lack in the creativity department I make up for in my research skills. (Har-de-har!) Hence this gem: Metro Halifax online has an awesome step-by-step do-it-yourself guide to zombie-fy (new word!) yourself for this Hallow's Eve. Some great tips and tricks to ensure a fool-proof kick-ass look. 

Another good option for ideas and inspiration are makeup tutorials on YouTube. Yeah, there are videos for everything out there folks…and a lot of great Halloween-inspired ones. So have fun with your look this year. Don't be afraid to go over the top with the red dye number four and the green nail polish, and don't panic if you mess up — it's Halloween. And really, when are the dead ever hot and perfectly polished? Wait. Don't answer that….

Read the full article here:–in-pictures-5-steps-for-diy-zombie-make-up

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