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All Over The Place

This post, that is. :)  I have so many little things to share with you all so I’m just gonna do it in point form.

  • Blog Renamed – When I re-made the blog a few weeks ago, I changed the name to something that I felt better suited what I was all about.  So Life, Health & Fitness became “The Next Chapter.”  Over the next few days I’ll be purchasing an URL to reflect the change, I’m doing it through blogger so there shouldn’t be any major issues.  If you’re on Twitter and follow me, please note my name change – @nextchapterblog.  New email addy is well, nextchapterblog@gmail.com


  • I joined WWs Online again. I’m going to take it seriously and not waste my money.  When I say take it seriously I mean just that – reading over the materials/articles, diligently tracking; basically taking full advantage of what the site has to offer.  They’ve upgraded the Community section quite a bit since the last time I was a member.  Lots of interaction and upgrades to the message boards, even blogging options!


  • To help me stayed motivated I’m thinking of setting weekly challenges for myself – a week of daily yoga, 7 days of shred, trying a new recipe daily, etc.  What do you think?  If I were to coordinate some type of weekly challenge, would you all be interested in participating in it with me?


  • I booked a vacation day for this coming Friday.  I am going to get bloodwork done, try to get in to see any doctors to have my prescriptions renewed and just chill with hubby. (Who also booked the day off!)


  • This week, The Next Chapter is the featured blog on a local site – Halifax Infomonkey.


  • Anthropologie has some really cool dishes that I might order. :)


  • Some inspiring quotes of late that I saved to share – “We immediately become more effective when we decide to change ourselves rather than asking things to change for us.” and  “There is a point where you have to stop planning and start doing.”




I have a winner, that will be announced at the end of this paragraph.  I don’t want to come off as rude, but I’m having a little issue with giveaways.  When I host them, its because I to give back to my real, dedicated readers.  My last few giveaways have been filled with a lot of people I don’t know, who only have blogs that link back to giveaways.  These blogs are very spam like and obviously created just for entering contests.   I don’t like this.  I feel like it’s not fair to my real readers.  I almost want to put a disclaimer on my giveaways saying “don’t enter if you have no intention of coming back.”  You may have noticed in the comments section of the blogiversary giveaway that I actually attempted to call people out on it.   But I just come off as a bitch and I’m not trying to be.  If you’re a new reader while great and thanks for stopping by!  Any other bloggers out there who have issues with this? Thoughts?

Without further ado, the winner of my Blogiversary Just Us Giveaway is #10,  Javachick!  Please send an email to nextchapterblog@gmail.com with your name & mailing address so that I can get that out to you!  Congrats and thanks to all who entered.


My latest addiction?  Dates stuffed with cream cheese. Oh yes, they are A.MAZ.ING!!!


And last but not least, Supper tonight.  A fav of hubby’s, steak & baked potatoes. It is still so hot and humid here and I didn’t want to go anywhere near the stove, so I fired up the barbeque.

Star of the show –  the fresh peas! Mmm mmm, lately I’ve been all about the fresh veggies!



My piece of the steak, a little too cooked for my liking. :( 


And a small baked potato topped with a bit of becel, shredded parm cheese & fresh chives.  YUM!


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