Allison Blogs ‘Big Brother’ – Double Duty

Big Brother – Evict…not so fast

Tonight America practices voting on an important issue by saying, “Yes, put the coaches in the game.” Why America, Why? We all know a coach will win. Newbies are the worst at this game, you remember last season? UUUUUUUGGGGHHHH! Well now that I got that out of the way, who would have been evicted?

“This is the Big Brother House! You can bounce checks.” ~ Boogie

When we last left off, Boogie took a little hissy fit when Frank was placed on the block. Post hissy fit, Frank tells Boogie not to worry because he knew he was going up. Boogie believes this was information would have been useful to him, “YESTERDAY!”

Britney tells Boogie and Frank that it was Ian’s finicky word choice (remember: “It is not in the foreseeable future), that caused the change of heart.  Boogie and Frank bring Ian to the side and tell him in the future to only say “YES or NO.” Ian says he doesn’t wants to write any checks he can’t cash. Then Boogie says the hilarious above quote. Oh what are they going to do with Ian?

“He’s just a bitchy, bitchy guy.” ~ Janelle

While Frank and Boogie are two peas in a pod, Wil isn’t so fond of his coach Janelle. He finds her extremely condescending. This belief is solidified once Janelle says she has kept Wil safe for the past couple weeks. Oh honey child is NOT a fan of that comment.

Wil later tells his frustrations to Joe and reminds Joe that this competition isn’t to help Janelle win money. Wah-OH! Joe then tells Janelle and Ashley of this potential rift in the team and that they all could be in serious jeopardy. Janelle knows it’s time to clear the air with Wil while Ashley was stuck on the phrase, “serious jeopardy.” She wasn’t quite sure what it meant.

Cry, Cry, Crocodile Tears

Once Janelle finds alone time with Wil she apologizes for making him upset and then proceeds to cry in front of him. These were fake tears and according to Wil’s diary room entry, he knew. Did Janelle really have to fake cry during this conversation? The crying I think made it worse. She should have just sat with Wil and apologize for coming across condescending and just try to clear the air. Janelle, you are making all women look so manipulative. Save your tears for when you need to get your husband to show up to a family function.

Swing Vote: Danielle Edition

With all the voting chatter, Danielle is the swing vote between voting out Joe or Frank. Dan wants her to make the right decision but Danielle thinks the right decision is to do whatever Shane wants. HA! Dan then commands Danielle to stop liking Shane. He reminds her that she and Shane won’t get married after the show or even date. Wow, that was a harsh dose of reality.

Coaches, get in the game

What should have been the eviction time turned out being the big coaches’ twist! Julie reveals that America wants the coaches back in the game BUT the coaches have to accept the challenge by hitting the reset button in the diary room. It only takes one coach pushing the button to change the game. (The producers really wanted to make sure this change happened.) Here’s how the coaches voted:

Britney: Yes! (Anyone else notice how the mics from the other housemates was still on during this moment?)
Boogie: No, thanks America.
Dan: Yes! (Oh his little speech was so embarrassing when he stuttered.)
Janelle: Yes!

There you have it, no one is evicted and we have 4 extra players. How will this season ever end? Are they planning on someone else losing their cool and getting evicted?

Shiver Me Timbers – HOH Competition

It’s the first endurance HOH competition of the season. All of the houseguests including coaches and Shane, are standing on the side of a….heck, let’s have the picture explain it.

Allison Blogs ‘Big Brother’ – Double Duty Whoever stays up the longest, wins!

So what do you guys think of the twist? Did the producers already have this planned? And what is Ashley on?

Other Thoughts:

  • Janelle doesn’t like to show emotions, she is neither happy nor sad. She’s a psychopath! Run! Run now!
  • I don’t know wrestling so I am unaware of Frank’s dad. He is scary looking. Frank says he didn’t pursue athletics like his father wanted, but what did Frank choose instead? As I recall, Frank was listed as “unemployed.” Dream big Frank!
  • I seem to have misplaced my yellow shower curtain…

Allison Blogs ‘Big Brother’ – Double Duty Julie, you silly girl, give that back.

Big Brother HOH #4 & Nominations #4

We last left the housemates holding on to that weird pirate thingy for the HOH endurance competition. And like every endurance competition a full half-hour of the show is dedicated to finding out who the winner is. I am really going to break it down for y’all.

Most of the talking heads during the competition revolve around the same few things.

  • “Oh no, the coaches are back in the game. What a shock!”
  • “Frank and Joe are still here?”
  • “This water is so cold.”
  • “My body is so tired.”

The players fall like this:

  • 1 hour mark – Boogie, Jen and Joe are out.
  • 2 hour mark – Ashley, Dan and Frank. (Dan is using his, “pretending to be bad at competitions” tactic. But we all know.)
  • 2 hour 45 mins mark – Shane and Wil are out. Literally, they do it at the same time.
  • 3 hours – Janelle gives up.

The hobbits of the house up for power

We are down to Danielle, Britney, and Ian, who are the smallest of the bunch. Dan and Shane start routing for Danielle to keep holding on. Dan musters up every generic sports phrase he can think of to inspire Danielle. Shane promises to give her another kiss if she wins. Oh Shane get over yourself!

Ian starts to make deals with Britney and Danielle. Meanwhile, Boogie and Frank are in the house not cheering on Ian and making a final two deal. Tsk, tsk. They think they still have Ian on their side but not being there for him wasn’t the best decision.

Danielle assures both Britney and Ian that they will be safe for the week. Finally, Ian and Britney jump and Danielle is the winner!

WHOOT! A girl finally wins the game! I am not sure if I am a fan of Danielle but her winning this game is good for the show.


Before the endurance competition began, Dan told Boogie that Frank was on his way out. Boogie gets really cranky about this and realizes he and Frank can’t trust anybody. Thus I have decided to call them, “Frank-n-Boogie.” The two try to get information on who was voting Frank out but the whole house collectively decides to just deny, deny. So for the rest of the episode, Frank and Boogie continue to feel sorry for themselves and refuse to even speak with Danielle. Well good luck with that attitude.

Save the Coaches!

Danielle knows she wants to get rid of strong players but whom? It seems obvious to put up Frank-n-Boogie but Dan, still acting like a coach, doesn’t think it’s the best idea. Dan doesn’t want any of the coaches on the block for now and convinces Danielle to put up Frank and Wil. This seems plausible until Wil gently reminds Danielle that she promised to keep him safe for the week. What’s a girl to do?

Opps, did I promise safety? I forgot

Danielle, goes with Dan’s suggestion and nominates Wil and Frank. I swear if Frank stays again, I am going to lose it. I can’t wait to see Wil get heated with Danielle.

So I wasn’t happy with the coaches being in the game at first but I am now glad about the change. As long as the coaches aren’t one super alliance, I am OK with that.

What do you think readers?

Also, how hilarious was this moment?

Allison Blogs ‘Big Brother’ – Double Duty Poor Ian tries to flirt with Ashley but she gets distracted by Shane working out. I don’t think I would have gotten distracted. I prefer brains over brawn any day. ;)

Allison Blogs ‘Big Brother’ – Double Duty


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