Allison blogs Big Brother: Nominations #1

So a new episode of Big Brother means I get to know the housemates a bit more. Guess what I found out about Lawon? He’s sassy. 

After the dust settled with all the big reveals of the season, the housemates had to work on new strategies fast. It’s only the second episode but the house was already divided between the Newbies and the Veterans. So let’s break down each group’s strategies. 


So Dominic, the 25 year-old Mama’s boy, actually is a good player. He decided since it would be hard to keep the alliance of eight together why not take a member of each partnership and make an ultimate alliance of four Newbies. First Dominic collects Keith and Lawon. Really? Lawon? He seems trustworthy but he looks like he can’t keep a secret. I imagine his eyes bug out of his head if someone asked, “Lawon, are you in an alliance?” Later, he was able to break apart Team South and convince Cassi to be a part of this new alliance. This was a great idea until he revealed the name: The Regulators. Why not call yourselves, Team Governing Body? Lame. Adam and Porsche go off to play their own game giving in to the Veterans. Porsche stupidly promises Keith’s vote too and Keith is not happy at all when he hears this. That would be like a friend coming up to you and saying, “So a friend of mine is moving and I said we both would help.” I would say, “No way man, I have to watch Big Brother and blog for Jill.”
The Veterans quickly got together and decided to be an alliance. So far they seem to be on the same page but the partners all have different tactics. Rachel and Brendon seem to focus on getting rid of floaters which I think is a good idea, Dick and Danielle only talk game and not about their relationship or feelings, which is sad, and finally while Jeff talks to Jordan about strategy she interrupts him by passing gas. Oh Jordan, how did you ever pull off winning before? The six of them are a strong team but Dick goes the extra mile and works his magic on Adam and Porsche to do the Veterans bidding. These two didn’t take too long to crack, you know because Adam and Dick have the whole rock and roll thing going on while Porsche has obvious daddy issues.
Milking It – Have or Have Not
This was the first time one of the competitions on the show made me laugh out loud. The house was divided by three teams of four consisting of three players dressed like cows and one dressed like a milk man from space. The competition had the “cows” to dive into a pool of milk while the “milkman” had to squeeze out the excess milk to fill up some jugs. Which ever team was the last to fill up their jugs would be the Have Nots for the week. The three milkmen for each team were Lawon, Jeff, and Keith and each had their own unique way of “milking.” 
Lawon decided just to pull the girls hair
Jeff did a full blown body slam
And Keith did this. If you haven’t seen it, there was a lot of gyrating that came with this.
The Veterans team finished first followed by the team of Keith, Porsche, Adam, and Dominic. Now Keith’s team definitely deserved the win after what they went through. They also should have been offered a cigarette. Poor Lawon and the ladies, if only he focused more on their bodies and less on their hair they wouldn’t have to sleep in the asylum.
After all the intense conversations Rachel chose the partnership of Keith and Porsche as her two nominees. Now, Keith has at least three votes from The Defibrillators – oops, I mean The Regulators – to stay but can he muster up more. The Veterans may keep Porsche around, but with this game you never know how things will change. 
Other Thoughts
I’m sorry, Rachel, but is there a sign in diary room that says, “Talks louder” because why are you screaming?
During a discussion about cosmetic surgery between Rachel and Brendon, he came off pretty level headed, and sweet. Again, I am so surprised the two of them are together. I think Rachel should get Botox on her neck. That way her vocal chords will be paralyzed for a couple of weeks and her neck will look amazing.
Watching Rachel and Jordon talk game was like two girls at a slumber party. I know they were being strategic but their voices and the way they were holding those pillows made me think, “My boyfriend is such a good kisser.”
The way Evil Dick tried to sway the Newbies reminded me of a mafia movie. I am surprised the BB production team didn’t have a trumpet solo playing in the back ground.
I am glad that there is now a designated key box for nominees’ keys. Before the HOH would just place the keys in the top drawer of their dresser. Gross, I don’t want something I eventually have to wear around my neck to be anywhere close to someone’s underwear.
So who do you think will get evicted? And what’s up with the houseguest that has left the house? I have heard this spoiler earlier but I am intrigued as to how this happened. And will Rachel ever speak in a normal volume? Find out this week.




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