Allison Blogs Big Brother – Nominations #4

Man, this episode was pretty lackluster. I find the marathon competitions are difficult to edit and they eat up half of the show. I was just praying that a Veteran didn’t win just so we can finally spice up this show.
King of the Mountain
As the housemates receive their ab workout (see last post ) they reflect on Dominic leaving, where they stand in the house and how much (most) of them hate Danielle. Slowly the housemates begin to fall and open their snowball for prizes.
Adam – I wasn’t too surprised he was the first to go but really ten minutes wasn’t that long.
Snowball #1 Wear an elf costume for the week. Every season the show makes someone wear a weird costume. Last year they had Enzo in a penguin costume which was delightful.
Lawon – Oh Lawon, Lawon, Lawon. Could you just win something? Anything? Mind you he did say in the diary room, excuse he screamed in the diary room, that he’d never skied.
Snowball #2 Have Not
Brendon – This was a shocker, I would have thought he hold on for his boo-key.
Snowball #3 Have Not
Jeff – This challenge must be harder on the men since they are dropping like flies.
Snowball #4 $10,000!
Jordan – Sweet, so now none of the Veteran couples can win which means things are going to be very interesting.
Snowball #5 Have Not
Porsche – Even though according to Rachel she looked like a “hot snow bunny” Porsche couldn’t handle the slopes.
Then the competition was left to Shelly, Kalia, and Danielle. The rest of the housemates began to root for Shelly to win by reminding her to do it to see pictures of her daughter.  You would think this frustrated Danielle and Kalia but it only made them stronger. It’s reverse psychology people and it works! Ask Bill Cosby. Sadly rooting for Shelly doesn’t help and she falls followed by Kalia falling.
Ta-da! Danielle, the person everyone hoped wouldn’t win, won!
Finally we will have a TV show!
Oh how the Mighty Veterans have fallen
Can you guess what happened next? Rachel was….. upset and ran to the crying room (formally known as the purple room.) Even after Kalia tried to apologize and clear the air between them Rachel became even MORE upset.
Jordan is kind of bummed to be a Have Not and sheds a couple of tears. Again her tears don’t fill me with rage like Rachel’s. I just want to give her a hug and some soup and sing “Visit the Moon” by Ernie from Sesame Street.  
As much as I like Jeff and Jordan I was glad to see both the Veteran couples fall from grace.
Rachel falls!
This was so funny. I loved the way the producers added triumphant music every time she ran between Jeff and Jordan. It was so epic I decided to give you a play by play screen caption of how it happened.
First she lost her footing.
Next she falls onto her knees. Note, Jeff isn’t helping her.
Then finally she tumbles towards Jeff who isn’t so much helping her but blocking his own body from the impact. 
Ok, let’s get to some game talk. Danielle calls a truce with Jeff and Jordan but isn’t so quick to make a deal with Rachel and Brendon. Can you guess what happened next?
Danielle makes a big move and puts up Brachel. FINALLY! Hey now that she did that why don’t I start early on my next entry.
“So after nominations Rachel runs into another room and starts to cry…..”
Other Thoughts
  • Adam’s elf costume can be summed up by one photo.
  • Rachel is an event hostess? Wait, I thought she has a chemistry degree. Well wasn’t that a waste.
  • During Danielle’s HOH room reveal Rachel says how everyone wasn’t excited to be there. I don’t think Rachel noticed that everyone had the same faces whenever she was HOH.
  • Lawon reveals he has a very supportive family and is on the show to be a role model for others in the gay community. That was a very nice moment. I was glad the show highlighted that. Lawon isn’t just comic relief, he has a message. But still he’s pretty damn funny. Did you see him in that Afro?
  • I just noticed that Shelly smokes too? Does everyone on this show smoke? Big Brother shouldn’t allow cigarettes. Could you imagine the fights and arguments of people who quit smoking cold turkey? Oh wait, next season of Big Brother should have a Rehab theme. Hey Allison Grodner….have I got an idea for you.




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