Allison Blogs Big Brother – Nominations #8 and Veto #8

While the Newbies are not happy with the Pandora’s Box twist, Rachel and Jordan are confident they can win the Veto. 
The Most Redundant Ceremony Ever
Even though it was obvious, the show still bothered with a nomination ceremony. Porsche nominates Rachel and Jordan because they haven’t talked to her. What a made up excuse.
How to Win a Veto for Dummys
Outside there are dummy versions of all the housemates’ previous partners. The dummies are suspended in the air with a parachute and the housemates have to hold onto their backs. In other words this is an endurance competition in which I predict Adam will be out first.
The game starts and Rachel notices the other housemates and holding on with their arms not legs like she can. She mentions how she always has her legs around Brendon. Yucky, yuck.
As predicted, Adam is out after 4 1/2 minutes. He realizes he should work out more.  Jordan is next to drop out. Her excuse is that, “This isn’t Survivor or whatever.” Or whatever, Jordan? Shouldn’t all CBS shows speak highly of each other? She should have added, “Wednesdays, 9pm, only on CBS!”
Then Shelly is out. Rachel begins to play mind games with Porsche and Kalia reminding them that she can stay on this dummy for a long time. (‘That’s what she said’, literally.) Eventually Porsche is out followed by Kalia.
Rachel wins Veto. Is it sad that I wanted her to win just so Jordan can get off the block? I was very proud of Rachel for not being too obnoxious with her win. I was expecting some catty comment but she was just happy. Maybe she really is growing? Rachel later does a ‘happy dance’ with Jordan but Jordan seemed to want it to end ASAP.
You know, I learned something today….
Shelly and Jordan have still not spoken since their little kafuffle. Shelly keeps reminding herself that she is still a good person and her true alliance is with her family back home.  
Later after the Veto, Shelly and Jordan have a talk and clear the air about Shelly’s betrayal and Jordan’s outburst. Even though I am happy they are being mature and honest about their feelings, apologies are BORING! Someone throw a firecracker in the house or something.
Deals Deals Deals
We’re at the point of the show where everyone is making deals with everyone. Kalia and Porsche want a final four deal with Jordan and Rachel. Shelly wants a final three deal with Rachel and Jordan. Shelly goes as far to say if they get to the final three she will drop out the competitions. Adam thinks maybe he should try to be buddies with the Veterans again. I roll my eyes.
Wait, no, this is the most redundant ceremony ever
Rachel takes herself and Jordan off the block. Adam and Shelly are placed on the block since they are the only partners left. Yawn!
Allison’s Note: Things Better Pick Up
Big Brother? More like Big Bore?
Seriously, every interesting player is gone and this is what we are left with? When I write notes during the show it usually takes up four pages, today it took less than two.
This whole episode was so repetitive. How many times was the phrase, “I really need/needed to win this Veto,” said? Shelly discussed how her family is her alliance so many times and, “Porsche, I would have never opened Pandora’s Box.” Blah, blah.  
So will future shows be this repetitive? Is Shelly going home? And can I stay up during tonight’s show?
Other Thoughts:
  • Porsche needs elocution lessons or something, her diary room entries are excruciating.
  • Jordan seems to be the leader of her partnership with Rachel. She tells Rachel to hold back on talking to Porsche after the nominations. And when making deals, she does most of the talking. Jordan may not win competitions but she has a good social game.
  • Kalia farts a few times during the Veto competition. That was so mean that they kept that in editing, sometimes people can’t help it.
  • Jordan’s impression of Lawon was hilarious. I am glad she is back to her old self.
  • Apparently a fight happens in the sequester house, finally, some more fireworks.




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