Allison Blogs Big Brother – POV #2

Let me start off this entry saying thank you to all you readers who held back on pointing out my huge error from my last post. You can only get splinters from wood, not paper. I should have said that my roommate gets paper cuts. How embarrassing.

Now on to the show – keep in mind I am not really reviewing this show in chronological order, I am working with themes.
Queen Jordan – Shows her Reign
OK, Jordan, now I remember why you won your season. Girl really stepped up her game and showed us she is nobody’s fool. At the beginning of the show she reminds us that even though most of her alliance wanted to put up Cassi, Jordan felt that Dominic was the ring leader of the Newbies. Ding! Ding! Right on the money.
She still has a hold on Adam and asks him to throw the competition. Sure, he says. God I haven’t seen something so willing to give up since my elastic waistband after Christmas dinner 2007. 
Meanwhile at Sweet Valley High – No one likes Cassi
So Rachel really doesn’t like Cassi and neither does Porsche. Then Danielle also says she doesn’t like Cassi, but really that is a ruse to keep Dominic around. Honestly, the amount of effort Rachel puts into Cassi bashing she could take a make-up class. (Take the hint.)
Jordan doesn’t have a hate on for Cassi and the two of them have a heart to heart. Jordan nails this issue on the head. They hate Cassi because she is pretty. I agree, girls are so nasty when they are jealous, yes, I was once an eighth grade girl. I know.  During this heart to heart Cassi reveals a big secret to Jordan: she is a full-time model. What? That is as shocking as me revealing I have a lot of time on my hands. A duh, I watch this show three times a week, in the summer.
The Veterans are Breaking Formation
Rachel does more Cassi bashing in front of Jordan and Jeff, and Jeff is finally starting to get annoyed with Rachel. Yes, they are an alliance but Jeff thinks Rachel throws out her opinions way too much. Another thing Jeff and I can discuss on our first date.
Just as Jeff is rethinking his alliance, so are Brachel. After Rachel and Brendon are chosen to play the Veto competition they decide they want to put up Cassi if they win. Man, Rachel is so blinded by her hatred she is acting crazy.
Chew-chew, Boo-hoo!
The veto competition has the housemates playing individually and not as partners. This was good for Dominic because Adam was planning on throwing the competition. Again, stop throwing competitions!
The competition had the housemates chewing wads of gum and placing them on a picture. The tricky part was that they had to cross a balance beam to get between the gum and picture. To add more complications, if you were to fall off the beam you were out unless you take two weeks of slop. If you fall a second time, you are out completely. Got that? Ok. Seriously, because I am not explaining again.
The competition began and Adam failed, or was he throwing it? Now, here’s where things got heated. Jordan fell off the beam and before she could declare that she would take the two-week slop Jeff tells her to not do it, with good reason. He felt she wasn’t going to win, so there was no point. That’s when Rachel makes a comment about not trying hard or something. Nobody messes with Jeff’s blonde princess, nobody.
Later Rachel falls off once, then twice. So she is left with two weeks on slop and failing. Then it was a competition between Brendon, Jeff, and Dominic, and Dominic became the first Newbie to win a competition. Great job!
At the end of the competition Jeff approaches Rachel, pretty aggressively I think, and reminds Rachel not to make comments during the competition. Rachel left in a huff offended by Jeff. Brendon tried to diffuse the situation but it was too late and Rachel did what a lot of girls do when they are upset, she hides in a bush to cry, or falls into a rabbit hole of magical adventures, whatever. All the houseguests saw this and it must have made the Newbies happy to see the cracks in the group.
Rachel in the bush was so funny because you couldn’t see what Brendon was doing and sometimes it looked like he was coaxing a cat out of a tree or something.
“She is friggin’ nuts” – Jordan
After Rachel emerges herself from the bush of shame she tells Jeff and Jordan she is sorry about what happened, and she just gets crazy during competitions. After she left, Jeff was not happy with her apology and Jordan just said the above quote. Jordan and Jeff really started to contemplate to having Brachel on the block.
POV Ceremony
It was no surprise that Dominic saved himself and Adam for the block. Jordan had to choose a new couple and it was Cassi and Shelly. All the women of the house secretly squealed with delight.
So is Cassi a done deal to leave the house? Will Brachel and Jeff and Jordan be able to trust each other again? And where was Lawon? I need more Lawon.
Other Thoughts:
  • This Danielle and Dominic alliance is coming together very well, is there romance on the horizon?
  • Rachel says Cassi is a fake? Hey Rachel, have you checked your boobs and hair lately?
  • Jordon tries her best to play this game with integrity. She was genuinely worried of being two-faced with Rachel and Cassi. Aww, she is so sweet.
  • I loved Rachel’s reply after Brendon says, don’t let everyone see you so emotional – “I am, that’s why I’m hiding in the bushes.” Yes, I agree Rachel. “That girl is crying? Can’t you find a bush to hide yourself like a normal person?”





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