Allison Blogs Big Brother – Veto # 6

First off, I found out my Aunt is reading my blog so if you don’t mind,
Hi Aunt Marilyn, thanks for reading!
Now onto the show.
Even though Jeff put up Kalia and Porsche, Danielle still does not feel safe. She previously told Jeff that she would throw the Veto competition but now she is not sure she will.  
Adam talks with Jeff and it is just so sad. It reminds me of Chester the Dog from Looney Toons, you know the character who says, “Great idea boss, looking good boss, we’re the best of pals ain’t we boss?” Adam sits there and praises Jeff with how smart he is and gives his undivided allegiance. Adam, you and Porsche are so clueless.
When Rachel isn’t a crying….she’s a bullying
Rachel begins to harass Danielle in that overly fake concerned voice. “Danielle, are you upset you are on slop?” “What’s wrong Danielle?” Danielle, the mature one in the situation, simply ignores Rachel and walks outside. While outside she mentions to Jordan that Rachel is annoying her and on cue Rachel walks outside to harass Danielle some more. Danielle walks away, again.
Then the clouds part and little Jordan gives Rachel a talking too and says, “Just leave her alone. Stop doing that.” The third ‘Rachel-just-grow-up’ speech in a week.
Jeff and Jordan – The couple you can’t help to love
Jeff and Jordan are in the HOH room watching the LiveFeeds. When watching Danielle get a late-night-snack, they predict that Porsche is not far behind which is true, there came Porsche. Jeff and Jordan begin to dub their voices and it was adorable. Jordan needs better material but it’s cute. In university my friends and I used to dub the voices of the Bernstein Bears. It got out of control vulgar in a very short amount of time. I should do that again.
Next, the two have a deep conversation about the word mischievous. They can’t settle on the correct pronunciation.  Jeff believes it is, ‘mis-cho-viss’ while Jordan believes it is ‘miss-cheev-e-ous.’ I think Jordan is adopting the British pronunciation. You know like the way they call aluminum, ‘al-ew-min-e-um’ or controversy as, ‘con-trov-o-see.’
Then they kiss goodnight and go to sleep. My heart melts.
These two need a reality show. Actually I take that back. I would rather these two settle down, get married, have babies and just live a happy life away from the cameras.
Where’s T200 when you need him? – The return of Zingbot 3000
Oh dear God, they brought back Zingbot? What made the production team at Big Brother think, “Yes, everyone loved Zingbot so much last year?” No, we didn’t! Or maybe Allison Grodner thought it was a great idea and the rest of her staff was too scared to say anything. This robot’s voice is so annoying and high pitched that I am getting a headache while I type. In good form Zingbot gives the housemates a good Zing! My favorite is, “Porsche, you should be named after a car with a roomier trunk.” Girlfriend does have a big bootie. The worst one is, “Danielle do you own a car? Or are you still riding your Dad’s coat tails?” Ouch that one was kind of harsh, especially because those two don’t get along.   
I admit I do love zingers. You may notice I write the word ‘Zing’ in my blog a lot but if I am anything like the Zingbot please tell me.
The Bride of Zingbot – Veto Competition
Danielle won the Veto pass last competition so she gets to play as well as everyone else but Rachel, again.
The backyard has turned into a robot laboratory. This veto competition is simple, housemates have to construct Zingbot’s bride which is a four-sided puzzle. Both Adam and Shelly don’t care to win. Yes you two, don’t overexert yourself in this game. The puzzle actually looks pretty hard. Throughout the competition the housemates zing each other in the diary room. Little Jordan zings herself.
Jeff kills this competition and wins Veto while the rest of the housemates weren’t even half-way done.
Veto Talk – Boring
So Jeff has a choice, keep votes the same or give Danielle that surprise backdoor he has been obsessed about. A lot of this episode is Jeff talking to Kalia, Porsche and Danielle about his impending decision. It is all pretty boring and repetitive so here is a synopsis of each conversation:
Danielle: “Please don’t backdoor me. I’ve been honest with you since that time I tried to backdoor you. Please!”
Kalia: “Please take me off the block. Porsche is useless and doesn’t even understand this game. She shouldn’t go any further.”
Porsche: “Please take me off the block. I don’t want to be alone in a house with Brendon, he is so lame.”
Jeff: “What are you offering me?”
Porsche: “Oh right, let me think….”
Veto Ceremony – Backdoor Sequence Commence
The girls each make a speech of why they should go off the block. Porsche mentions she likes Jeff’s haircut. Kalia mentions that she makes really good red velvet cake. Girls, Jeff isn’t a 10-year-old girl trying to fill that last spot to her ‘super exclusive’ slumber party. What terrible game play.
Jeff’s decides to take Porsche off and puts Danielle up on the block
Danielle has been BACKDOORED. Finally! How does it feel?
So can Danielle save herself? How will the double eviction play out? And where did Zingbot and his Bride register? The Home De-Bot? I got a million of these, folks.
Other Thoughts
  • The show discussed the potential Jeff and Jordan engagement twice on the show. Will Jeff pop the question soon? I hope so.
  • Wait, hold the phone. Rachel is 26? What? She looks like she is 30 something. Was anyone else shocked by this news? See this is what happens when you overdo things like make-up and hair, it makes you look older.
  • Jordan finally got to strip off the ‘humilitard’. Her ‘strip-show’ was rated very G.
  • As usual Shelly, is still a friend to everyone in the house. I want this to bite her in the butt soon.




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