Allison Blogs Big Brother: Veto #6 and Eviction #6

Sorry guys, I was a bit of a slacker this week and was unable to provide colourful commentary on Wednesday night’s episode so I will provide a mini version of the Veto episode and my gut reactions to tonight’s eliminations
Veto #6
Shell(y) Shocked
As predicted Shelly was determined to expose Rachel of her lies. Both Rachel and Shelly agree they don’t have a final three pact so what was Porsche talking about? They request Porsche’s presence and Brendon, like a good little lackey, retrieves her. Porsche says what she heard was that Shelly approached Brachel for a final three pact but Brachel denied the idea. Rachel agrees this did happen. (Cue footage from the past, again.)
This sets off Shelly into denials denials denials. Surprisingly Brendon declined getting involved. When Rachel mentions Shelly said, “When Jordan is evicted…” Shelly becomes even more mannish and has to storm out.
Who won this fight? I would say Rachel. I really think Shelly forgot saying those things which makes her look even crazier. Shelly has made so many deals it was only time she forgot some. I bet she makes deals with the producers in the diary room or in her sleep.
Corn Holed *Snicker, snicker* – Veto Competition
Today’s players and host of the veto is everyone but Rachel and Brendon. Whoopsie. Apparently both Adam and Shelly are going to “try” today. This I got to see.
Today’s competition is just a simple ‘corn hole’ bean bag toss that the housemates use for fun. Did I say simple? No, the amount of set design for a bean bag toss is ridiculous; hay, a giant barn, a rooster, wait, no that’s Rachel. 
The aim of the game is to throw the bean bag on a spinning wheel with many numbers. Whoever gets the highest number is out each round. Once the player is out there is a prize but, they may not get to keep it because this is a “YANKEE SWAP!”  (Saying it like Michael Scott from The Office.) So the person who lasts the longest in the competition can choose whatever they want. 
Round 1: Shelly out
Her prize is the power of Veto but she won’t be keeping it for long.
Round 2: Jordan out
Her prize is 24-hours of solitary confinement but it comes with a phone call from home. Jordan is quick to take this but then realizes that Shelly has really been missing her daughter and nobly switches. My other roommate watched this with me and kept saying, “She is so nice, she should win the whole show. I don’t care if she already won.” Jeff in his diary room entry said Jordan has a heart of gold.
Round 3: Kalia out.
She wins a Caribbean vacation. Sweet!
Jeff, Adam and Danielle are left and start quietly making deals. Danielle says if they let Adam get the Veto she promises not to put up Jeff and Jordan. Jeff realizes if he wins the veto than he would have to make a difficult decision so he and Danielle throw the competition.
Danielle wins a veto pass which means she can play veto whenever she wants. There is hardly anyone left? This prize seems kind of silly. Has-a-horseshoe-up-his-ass Jeff, wins $5,000. So now Jeff has banked $15,000 on the show.
Adam wins something called the “humilitard” and quickly switches with Jordan. Adam’s the veto winner. Look at all the effort he put into doing that.
Veto Ceremony
Even though Brachel try to persuade Danielle not to put them up it doesn’t work. Brendon is the replacement nominee. Also, Danielle makes a funny zombie reference.
Eviction #6
Let’s go wrangle up some votes
Brachel thinks they can be saved if they get the votes. First stop is the sway vote, Adam. This guy is as swayable as a wacky-inflatable-arm-waving-tube-man but this time it doesn’t look like Adam is convinced. Adam, do I see some growth happening?
Next, Rachel tells Porsche that keeping Brendon is beneficial to her. Porsche, who I find a lot smarter than I assume (sorry), brings up the fact that Brendon was here all week and they did nothing for her. The hardly even talked to her. In other words, “you didn’t invite me to that super fun dance party.”
Finally Brachel approaches little Jordan. Jordan is not being clear with her decision but emphasizes she wants to make a decision that will upset the house the least. I think that tactic is a little weak but Jordan is thinking about the consequences of voting.
Jeff finds out that Brachel ‘ambushed’ his lady love and decides to set things straight. During this conversation pouty Rachel starts to well, pout. Jeff has low tolerance for her teenage attitude and starts to call her out on how immature she is. Finally someone said it! Brendon seems to make an effort to defend Rachel but it’s a little half-assed. Rachel makes a long speech about fighting everyday in this house. The competitions are only a couple of days in the week, Rachel most of the time you are sleeping. You are not fighting.

Julie time

Julie you look great, but that necklace. It looks like you tied five colorful condoms around your neck. 
Good to promote safe sex, but in a weird way. Julie time is inane as usual but I laugh at Brendon’s answer to, “Why do you think America voted you back in?” His reply is, “America wants to see a competitor!” No America wanted to see a train wreck competition between you and Rachel. Thanks for the tip Cheryl.
Let’s get to know Shelly
Usually the show does the hometown visits more often. I guess they have so many repeat housemates there is no need to go back their.
Here’s what I find out about Shelly: Her eight-year-old daughter is adorable. Also, little Josie thinks her mom should take a side in the house and stop lying. She’s only eight and has better game tactic than her mom. Out of the mouth of babes, they say.
Brendon’s Eviction – Take Two
Shelly makes a very nice speech. She mentions that people in the house have good hearts like Jordan who gave up her phone call and everyone who talked with her while in the solitary confinement. Lovefest.
Brendon speech was funny but odd. He mentions he will spend the next five years devoted to cancer research. Good for you Brendon, but this isn’t the Miss America pageant. He also mentions that he will not be voting for any floaters on the show. I hope that hit home to some of the housemates. Then he tells Danielle she is Judas to him but it’s said funny not hurtful. Brendon’s speech is very relaxed yet animated and I am thinking, why wasn’t this guy on the show?
Everyone but Rachel votes Brendon out. Bye Brendon, again. Please don’t come back. Please.    
Brendon’s sit-down with Julie is pretty brief. He mentions the plan for Rachel is to win HOH. Julie asks what the back-up plan is and Brendon doesn’t have one. The goodbye messages are just as mean as last time he left. Jeff’s was hysterical when he states, “I hope this time you left a manual for Rachel.” I can see Brendon and Jeff being bros and I can see Jeff in subtle ways saying, “Why are you with her? She is so high maintenance.” Brendon looked pretty mad at Jeff’s good-bye speech.
Here come the broken ankles – HOH #7
They did this game two seasons ago. Housemates run back and forth to fill up a bowl with water the quickest. Did I mention the floor is slippery with bubbles? I can’t wait for the falling montages in next episode. I am bummed that we won’t find out who wins right away. I have a sneaking suspicion that Rachel will win, she has a vendetta. Was there a rule you can’t slide your whole body on the floor like a slip and slide? That’s what I would do.
Julie leaves the housemates with rain. Oh no, Jeff is just wearing a small tank top, it’s going get all sticky. Maybe I should invest in live feed….
So who will win HOH? Where is that manual for Rachel? And, holy double eviction next week! I love those because people don’t have the time to plot.
Other Thoughts
  • What if Shelly was the host of the Veto competition? Would she have to wear the same sexy outfit? 

  • Jeff does look like a boy band member.
Specifically, I find he looks like Nick Lachey. I tried to find an image of Nick Lachey in either overalls or a bandana and couldn’t find one. Then I realized 20 minutes had passed and I began to evaluate my personal priorities.
  • Jordan tells the BB diary room that Jeff loves Boy Bands but immediately says, “please don’t air this.” Too late
  • I found out that Adam does have some power in the house. He is the swing vote and it was brought up a couple of times. He is like the Ohio State of the house. Does Canada have a swing province? I don’t think our elections work like that.
  • This ‘Humilitard’ is adorable on Jordan.
  • Why is there so much tension during the voting? It was pretty obvious that Brendon was leaving; the biggest clue was he was wearing nice clothes.
  • Jeff smokes too? For the love of Pete no more smoking.
  • Seeing Josie gave me an awesome idea for next season, Big Brother Junior. Children of past players have to survive in the house. Maybe at some point they have to fight to the death, no wait, that’s the plot to The Hunger Games
  • It’s a bummer that Lawon didn’t get a live interview but Brendon gets two.




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