Allison Blogs Big Brother – Veto #9, Eviction #9, HOH Competition #10

First off, let me apologize to all you readers. I did have an awesome review of last Sunday’s episode with special guests Tori Spelling and Jessie and then before I could send it to Miss Jill my computer went on the fritz. It’s currently at the Best Buy. I hope the guys at Geek Squad aren’t currently looking through all my Big Brother reviews and scoffing, “What a loser.” Because you know what? You work at Geek Squad, so there.

On to the live show
Apparently Julie is in a hurry, to head to a frosh party to get herself a young cub to her cougar den. Rawr!
Tonight’s episode is the Veto and eviction, because really can I handle a whole episode of just a Veto with 30 mins worth of “will they or won’t they use it?”
Veto Competition – Again with the repeat games
They have done this Veto three times in a row now. A weird talking creature always called Otev, this time a shark, gives a clue about former houseguests. Around the house are items with the houseguest names and in this case there are pies. The houseguests have to present the right name to Otev, if they are wrong they are out, if they are the last ones to make it back they are also out. In past games this has gotten pretty intense with people wrestling to the ground.  I can’t remember who but I recall a guy ripping it out of the hands of a female housemate.
Round 1 – Little Jordan is out. Girl, you need to step it out
Round 2 – Surprisingly, Rachel is out.
Round 3 – Kalia couldn’t find the Jeff pie. She is out.
Final round is just Porsche and Adam. The clue is which housemate has played and lost 17 competitions? Porsche retrieves a plate first but realizes that her plate, Keith, is not the right answer. Wow, that was quite the mistake Porsche. How on earth could Keith have participated in 17 competitions in less than month? The real answer is Shelly, which is very embarrassing for this lady.
Adam is the winner! And Kalia has another ugly cry.
Adam just do something…
Kalia falls apart after the Veto. She cries knowing Adam will never make a big move because he doesn’t want people to be upset with him. Kalia tries to sway Adam to use the frickin’ VETO! She says that “Fans love big moves.” Thanks for thinking of the viewers, Kalia. Her argument is good but REALLY intense. Reminds me of when I try to tell me friends to come out by reminding them they are lame if they don’t. Because people want to hang out with you after you insult them.
Later at the Veto ceremony, in true Adam form, Adam doesn’t use it. Was it just editing or did Adam not give Porsche or Kalia a chance to make a speech? I think if Adam wants a better chance to win the game he should have gotten rid of Jordan. But now that she is still here I am happy. Jordan may not win competitions but she has a good social game.
The Real World – Sequester House
Jeff, Brendon and Danielle are in the middle of a luau waiting for their new houseguest. Again, Danielle hopes Adam walks through the door. Jeff says if it’s Shelly, he does have words for her.  Low and behold it is Shelly. She gives everyone an awkward hug. Then Jeff jumps right into it. “Dude, what happened?” Shelly gave the same answers we have heard the past couple of weeks. No one could beat Jeff. Well this begins an argument that ruins the luau. Note to Jeff, next time you argue with someone make sure you are not wearing flowers. 
Because you look crazy. This photo says, “Ah, hell no girlfriend.”
The losers watch Shelly’s DVD demise. Then Shelly says Rachel and Jordan approached her for a final three deal. Way to make something up, Shelly. Try, “I begged to make a final three deal with them.”
Eviction Time – Kalia the Koala takes her last nap
The housemates make their speeches. Porsche’s is very humble and takes the time to compliment everyone in the house, when she gets to Rachel though she stumbles her words. Kalia’s speech is similar but tells Adam, “Please start playing like an All-Star not like a fan.” Ah, snap she went there.
Adam votes out Kalia and Jordan votes out Porsche. It’s up to Rachel who makes the final decision and she chooses Kalia. However she does compliment Kalia on her game.
Kalia gives everyone a hug, but quickly. I think she was holding back her rage.
Julie Time
Whoa, was this an interview? I blink and Julie is throwing it to commercial. The most I got from this was Kalia realized she trusted the wrong people at the wrong time. Don`t worry, girl. Take a nap and this whole show will be over.
I predict you all having a difficult time getting a job after the show– HOH Competition
Julie informs us that the fortune teller had plenty to say this week. Wait the fortune teller really does talk? Shelly wasn’t crazy? A montage shows the fortune teller waking up the housemates with predictions about evicted housemates. They are all silly predictions like “Jeff will be walking around Chicago muttering “clown shoe.””
The live HOH competition is true or false questions related to what the fortune teller said.
This time the answers are on a point system not a sudden elimination. Jordan fails one question and Porsche repeatedly fails question after question. And looks who finally showed up to play the game? Adam wins HOH which means a guaranteed spot in the final three. I would have never thought I would write that sentence. This HOH is kind of redundant. Adam only has 3 options for nominations and if the Veto is used then there is only one other person to put up. Again, Adam doesn’t have to make a big move.
Tomorrow, we see who Adam nominates and the Veto. I can’t believe this time next week the whole show is over and I can finally go back to….well…..wait, give me a second…I know I used to have a life before this, right?
So who do you think America will choose as the favourite house guest? Has Jeff calmed down yet? And how laughable is Adam making it to final three?
Other Thoughts:
·         Did you realize that Otev, Veto, and Vote are all anagrams of each other? My mind is blown.
·         When Kalia cries after losing Veto, Rachel tells the diary room. “Boo hoo, cry me a river.” Rachel that is what I have been saying to you ALL season.
·         Why would Jordan vote out Porsche then have Rachel vote out Kalia over the tie? Are these two not on the same page or did Rachel request she get to put the final nail in Kalia’s proverbial coffin?
·         Kalia left a black key on the table before she left? Did I get that right? What was that?




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