Amendments to Animal Protection Act Introduced

Government introduced amendments to the Animal Protection Act today, Oct. 9, to make it an offence to abandon an animal.

The legislation will also require a veterinarian’s certificate of health to sell a cat and give the Agriculture Minister authority to appoint organizations or interested municipalities to enforce the Animal Protection Act for companion animals.

“I know animal protection is as important to Nova Scotians as it is to me. Animal abuse is intolerable,” said Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell. “I am committed to doing all I can as minister to make sure that we have the proper legislation and regulations in place so companion animals in this province are properly cared for and protected.”

Broadening enforcement to allow for municipalities and other organizations, in addition to the SPCA, means there will be a variety of options to ensure the best approach for animal protection across the province.

These proposed amendments come after a number of public consultations. Mr. Colwell met with many groups and more than 300 Nova Scotians provided input for the new regulations. Standards of care for cats and dogs are being finalized and will be fully implemented later this fall.

Source: Release

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