America’s Next Top Model: What a rip-off!

Oh, come on. Survivor was a recap episode tonight, so I watched ANTM first. And what do I get? Another freakin’ recap episode! What the hell? I know I’m Canadian and am extra-annoyed since I’m not eating turkey right now, but don’t people want to watch TV after their feast? I mean, all my other stories were new this week! Why not ANTM and Survivor
I tried to give the episode a shot. I mean, the Survivor clip show is usually pretty good. But it was just so boring. The double-dipping thing was pretty funny. Myrtle was weird. Kayla came off as a pretty big wackjob with the cleaning disagreement. I kind of want a fried Oreo now. Also, Jane was revealed to be the most adorable person ever, despite the fact that she likes Justin Bieber. 
I watched a little more after that, but eventually gave up. Did you make it all the way through? Were you bummed to find out it wasn’t a new episode? What are the odds that Ann will win next week?

I did it:)

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