Vote for me in the “Strut your STUTZ’ competition!!

I don’t normally enter contests – especially when it requires a photo of ME – but I’ve been coveting my boss’ iPad for months, so here I am. The contest in question is the ‘Strut your STUTZ’ contest, by STUTZ Hard Apple Cider. Each participant could submit 3 photos and 3 videos for the chance to win an Apple iPad…..I really want that iPad…

The aim of the game is to get as many ‘Likes’ for my photos as possible. The photo that gets the most ‘Likes’ wins! So… if you have a moment – in your insanely busy day – visit ‘Strut your STUTZ’ Facebook Page to ‘Like’ my photos…pretty please. Thanks!! 🙂
“Take a strut on the wild side with STUTZ”

“I like my STUTZ with bite”

“Like biting into a cold, crisp…STUTZ!”

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