Amy Campbell at the Carleton

Amy Campbell at the Carleton

Amy Campbell at the Carleton

Amy Campbell left us for Toronto about 5 years ago and it’s been great for her career, although I wish she would move back.  Maybe someday she will, but for now Amy is really enjoying where she is in life. She was just home for a visit, and I had the chance to see her play at the Carleton last week.

It’s been 6 years since I’ve heard Amy perform and she’s come a long way. Well honestly her songwriting has always been super. Amy’s heart is always on her sleeve when she writes, her guitar style is striking, and her voice is strong.

I noticed that Amy’s older songs stood up very well next to the new songs. She has always possessed a maturity to her songwriting beyond her years. She has always been underrated IMHO and I think with her new album she is finally garnering the attention she deserves.

And the great thing about Amy is that she has no room for ego, and if full of good spirit. As always, I support people in the music industry who have good hearts and good attitudes.

Thanks for the good show Amy, it was delightful.

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