An impromptu dinner at Fid Resto

A month or so ago, a friend and I stopped in to Fid for am impromptu dinner.  We were actually on our way to get some sushi when we walked past Dresden Row and quickly changed our plans. It was a chilly night and the atmosphere inside was warm and inviting.  It took us a while to make our decisions (well, me really) so we put in an order in for some apps while I poured over the menu.  

My friend had the traditional French soup served with rouille and Mozzarella cheese.  It was an interesting concoction, and once I was filled in on the process, it made a bit more sense.  The fish soup consists of chicken stock and pureed fish bones and the mayonnaise-based rouille with tomato and mustard are meant to thicken it up…Not sure where the Mozzarella cheese comes in, but I do know that  it’s a delicious antidote to a chilly night.

I felt pretty special that night.  The ‘special’ was a sushi-esque roll made with snow crab just off the boat.  But…since we arrived later in the evening, and there wasn’t enough left for the ‘special’, I got a dish that I’d wager was even better; a snow crab salad.  This was one of the best dishes I’ve ever had in a Halifax resto.  The snow crab’s texture and flavour was light and delicate.  Paired with a variety of ingredients that complimented it beautifully; earthy Shiitake mushrooms, and a selection of herbs used in lieu of lettuce; basil, cilantro and mint, I smiled and sighed with every bite.

The Hangar steak was fantastic – just look at it.  You have to admit that it’s an impressive dish – one I wouldn’t event come close to finishing, but my friend had no trouble putting it away.  The steak is marinated for 7 days to the desired tenderness, and served on a luxurious bed of garlic mashed potatoes.  A handful or two of arugula was all that was needed to finish it off.

For my entree, I (finally) decided on the halibut.  FYI, I was going back and forth b/w this dish and the scallops.  But I’ve had Fid’s halibut before, so I knew it was a sure shot at spectacular – and it was.  With a substantial crust and sprinkled with fleur de sel, the delicate fish was flaky and succulent.  Served on a bed of crisp fingerling potatoes,  a pile of tender steamed fiddleheads added freshness.  This dish was nothing if not simple; only a few ingredients, it fact.  But it was the simplicity that made it so delicious. That’s what I love about Fid; generally, it’s ‘no fuss’.

Though I was thoroughly satisfied, I let my friend convince me into splitting dessert.  We ordered the moelleux au chocolat; a molton lava cake dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with a lovely caramel sauce.  Incredibly indulgent, the cake was delicious.  Balanced on top was a crisp brandy snap twist; the perfect contrast to the soft, euphoric cake.

It’s nights like these that make dining out so fun.  We had intended on a $30 or so meal;  pretty standard and low key.  But switching it up to make a special night out of an ordinary one will make this dinner a memory, as opposed to a forgettable experience.  With so many restos to choose from in Halifax, it’s these kinds of memories that will keep me coming back to Fid.



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