An Open Letter: Dear Mayor Ford

Dear Major Ford,

Since when is it the job of the major to decide who can and can not report the news of the city?Are there not constitutional issues at play?

Since when is it okay for a Mayor to act like a child? Only a child says oh you said something bad about me, and then reacts, and reacts, and reacts. Each time you have blocked The Toronto Star from receiving public documents this is exactly what you have done.

Since when is it legal for a Mayor to block one of the major news sources for a city from reporting the news. Are there not laws that state all the citizens have rights to these documents?

Dear Mayor by blocking The Toronto Star, you are saying you do not have to follow the rules and that you do not have to show integrity.

So how about acting like the grown up you appear to be and unblocking them?

Yours sincerely,

a citizen who gets her News from The Star daily,

Hollie Pollard


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