Dear Santa..Can You Skype Me?

Dear Santa..Can You Skype Me?

Skype Me Santa

Dear Santa,

When I was a little girl I used to come and visit you at Eaton’s. I loved coming down to your store. But alas I grew up and Eaton’s closed but I hear you are now visiting people on Skype. What a great way for you to save some time! Very innovative, old man if I must say so myself.

Well I think I was good this year, and there are oh so many things this mom would love. Remember when you visit it is my birthday! Yeah a double holiday that everyone in my house forgets.

So what would be on my dream list for Santa: What would this girl LOVE?

1. one 2 bedroom condo just big enough for my small family

2. a new Iphone since mine went missing in November.

3. a good camera SLR pretty please.

4. a new wallet since I lost mine on Friday.

5. in my stocking how about some earrings, a girl always loves a little bling

6. a bottle of Angel, my favorite perfume

7. a good set of knives

8. a pair of Manitobah Mukluks, do you remember when you visited me in Manitoba?

9. a vacation for 2, a real one, Rachel has never had one.

10. a food processor. I have really been eying the Kitchen Aid one.

What would be on your list for Santa if he called you?



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