And then there was one…for two weeks

Ally: L-A is leaving for California shortly, which means you’re stuck with me for two weeks unless I can round up one of our hot guest bloggers (don’t worry, both Jo and Eden have volunteered to save you from endless posts about Billy Bush and Country music). I’ve decided to dedicate this post to what I imagine L-A’s vacation to be. Including tons of dramz!

Yes! L-A will become a cast member on The Hills!

I continue to sink to new lows on this blog, so I may as well come out and admit to you all that I love…just LOVE…Kristin Cavallari. Her gestures are fabtastic:

I’m curious as to whether L-A is reading this and frantically trying to cancel her plane ticket in order to stay home and save the blog. I pray we will have at least five readers left when she returns. Seriously though, I enjoy Kristen’s style. Or her stylist.


Here’s the back:


Ever since I first saw these photos, I have been trying to find a similar dress here in our fair city. If one of you find something similar, let me know. There’s a glass of wine from our box with your name on it.

Also love Kristen’s street style:



Now that’s how you wear ankle boots. Sorry, what were we talking about? Right! L-A’s vacation in sunny California. I hope LA does take herself to Target (and not for my own personal sandal needs) but to purchase something from Zac Posen’s Target line.


I particularly like this tank-top (cough, cough MY BIRTHDAY IS JUNE 26 cough, cough).

I thought I would be a good co-blogger and provide L-A with some hair assistance. Earlier today she was concerned about how to wear her bob and bangs (That could bea naughty movie title) on her long-ass flight. Here to help is a hilarious young woman whose gestures rival The Cavallari’s for being fabtabulous.

Drink everytime she says “Hair off my fayceeeee!”

L-A: Looks cute, right?

Sorry. I shouldn’t make fun of other people’s videos. I did go to facebook and twitter in search of hair advice. And some of it may work. The reader advice I’m taking is to curl my hair and spray the shit out of it (I’m paraphrasing). Will it work? It seems like it may not…but I’m trying it for this leg of the trip. I’m taking suggestions for return trip hair.

Anyway, this is what I’m leaving behind:

and I’m trading it in for this:

Which is why I’ll be humming the following song all day tomorrow (and probably getting my coffee spiked with tranqs by my traveling companions):

It’s okay if you hate me.

Anyway, my shopping list is long. I need new stuff for work, new shoes for the shoe porn, and I’ve been asked to find a purse and maybe a good pair of nude pumps. Not to mention finding Ally some Zac Posen for Target.  I’ll check in every now and then, just to make sure it’s not all Billy Bush, all the time.

In other news, I do not love Kristen’s pink dress – it’s the elasticized hem that I don’t like. I also don’t like her casual “street style” vest. Probably because I’m not big on looking like I’m wearing a llama pelt. But that’s just me.

Speaking of The Hills, have you seen the video of little kids reenacting The Hills? It’s adorable and awesome. They deliver their lines just like the big kids do on the Hills. Maybe even more convincingly.

Anyway, I need to get some sleep. By the time you read this, I’ll be on a plane somewhere between here and Palm Springs. I’ve got coffee money, copies of Vogue and Worn, and hopefully a plan for decent hair. Should be a good day.

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