Favourite Friday – April 30th Edition

L-A: My favourite things this week: sunshine and lollipops.

But seriously, I started my day at the pool and soaking up sun, followed by a little bit of shopping (DSW was one stop) and a (much needed) pedicure.  My shoe purchases were cute, but not that exciting – I’ve only been here 24 hours, so there is still time to find really cute shoes.  My companions said no to me going into the Louis Vuitton store today – not even to take a peek. Maybe tomorrow.

That’s all I’ve got for you. I’ll leave it up to Ally to find something fashionable to write about. I’m going to go drink “cheap” wine from a bottle. No boxed wine on this trip. I’m buying wines in bottles that usually cost me $30 at home and are only $7 here. Vacations are awesome.

AllyG: Cookies. You can’t live with them, and apparently you can’t live without them. Apparently, some “cookies” business on my computer was blocking me from getting onto our site. I’m no techy, so this news resulted at me staring at my laptop willing it to work. Someone onFacebook then suggested I “restart” my computer. And, alas, here I am.

So, I missed getting this to you for your morning coffee, but how about some reading during your afternoon cocktail? Please, we know you’re drinking. It’s Friday. You’re staring at the clock, and pulling at the flask in your drawer. I have to rush as I am trying to type this while Baby naps. He’s going to wake up pissed very shortly.

In gossip, Reader Jessica tells us that BCBG could be coming to MicMac. Why don’t I just move to MicMac? Baby could sleep in one of the cribs at BabiesRUs.


Hello! I am going to own you soon!

Crappy Pop Video of the Week:

I’m not going to lie to you. This song is on my ipod. What? It puts that extra oomph in my step when I’m trying to haul ass up the suburb hills when I go running.


rain or shine

Man charged after assaulting parking attendant over ticket