Animals are cute!

Hi everyone, I’m still at home with my sprained ankle. Have a few things to blog out but didn’t feel like getting on blogger yesterday. I haven’t been outside since Sunday night, and it starts getting to me.

Anyway, I didn’t have a V-Day post as nothing happened around here, but it’s a blessing for those who had a wonderful celebration. Even the cats do, so why can’t we, right?

The one on the right looks like Raffy, a potential candidate that we might adopt. I like Raffy because he’s very cuddly when I held him at the animal shelter. But Squirt likes a more playful kitten called Diamond, a pure black cat. If we could afford two, they might be good friends growing up together 🙂

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And to end this random post, I have this Smiling Dog video. Hope it’ll bring a smile to your face as it did for me.

Have a good day guys, I’ll be back to regular posting soon.

and the dog jumped over the moon….

For kids under six?