My V-Day/ New Year

… is not exciting, so if you are looking for a sweet festive post, this is not it 🙁

Saturday started out fine, we went to the another shelfter to check out the cats. Squirt liked a kitten there but I’m not sure I did. It’s really hard to make a decision about a pet, so we left without a committment. We stopped by a good Chinese restaurant for dim sum. The food was great but I ordered a bit too much, so we were too full after to do anything else.

As some of you might know from my tweets last night, I missed my friend’s Lunar New Year pot luck – my very first party for so long – and ended up staying at home by myself. We used to have friends over all the time while in school, but people moved away after graduation and I no longer partied. A girl friend just moved back here around Xmas time and hosted the party last night. I wouldn’t know how it went, cause I wasn’t there.

And today was “dedicated” to Squirt, as she finished up the sleepover in the morning, had skating and swimming lessons all over the place. And just to my luck, stepping of the bus, I sprained my ankle really hard. I couldn’t move for a few minutes, the bus driver had to help me get up. This is the weak ankle of mine that was sprained so many times (this is probably the third time it happened, to the same ankle). It hurt like hell. I managed to get Squirt to the pool but we were 10 minutes late, as I was limping at the speed of a turtle. I might have to stay home tomorrow healing this pain.

People said what you do the first day of the year will be what you do for the rest of the year, so I don’t think my future looks very bright from now on 🙂 My mom called at the crack of New Year, and I was all teary. I’m always emotional around this time of year, and miss my family so much.

I’m happy for those of you who tweeted about sweet presents you got, nice dinners, movies, I really am. It’s a blessing that love is in the air, V-Day or not.

I was browsing F21 website last night, looking for some retail therapy, and found this Glitzy Tiger Ring (CAD5.80). Love it? It’s a shame we don’t have a store here to check things out in person.

Enough babbling from me tonight. Sorry for the boring post. I did warn you, didn’t I? 🙂

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