Annabelle Fall 2016 – Eyes

It is time Annabelle releases their 4 brand new mascaras and 3 relaunches with the colorful packaging/ “personalities” that some of us bloggers had a chance to help decide a long while back.

The Big Show collection has 4 mascaras that promise intense volume and instant wow effect to lashes.

I have covered (and raved about) the Big Show mascara (pink tube, maximum volume at level 7) and Big Show waterproof mascara (blue, level 5 volume) in the past, please follow the link to read further. The formulas stay the same, just a packaging change.

Definitely my recommendations if you want great volume to your lashes, but note that they would do little for length (only level 2). As mentioned in my original review, Big Show starts out with a wet formula and dries down over time, in comparison to Big Show waterproof, so keep that in mind.

Each tube is 0.33oz/ 10ml.

You also have the option for customized volume with the Expandable mascara (pink, level 6 volume, level 3 length).

Click the link for my review, including the comparison shot of the wand lengths when you turn the dial (+ or -). Like I said there, I found a combination of one coat with each wand length works for me.

This mascara is a fun way to play around with the wand to get the final result that you are after, which can be changed up depending on occasions as well.

The tube holds slightly less product at 0.23oz/ 7ml.

On to brand new releases this Fall.

The Outlash mascara (orange, wide-eyed volume at level 5, level 2 length) is the last item in the Big Show collection, featuring a very cool looking 360 degree spiral brush.

I find the brush interesting and fun to experiment with. I could skip the “twisting the handle” step while applying this mascara because the wand itself already twists in shape. The end result is good for everyday, nothing dramatic. No flaking/ smudging, easy to remove, which actually apply to almost all mascaras in this post.

Standard tube size of 0.33oz/ 10ml.

The Lash Launcher collection has 3 mascaras that promise sky-high length and defined lashes.

The Lash Launcher mascara (red, maximum length at level 7, level 2 volume) is your friend if all you want is length for your lashes.

The dual-length brush coats the lashes better, which might explain the length promise.

I need both, but find volume is more important if I have to choose. Still, during testing period, I rotated all these mascaras and did not find the Lash Launcher underperformed for what it was. And I always layer another mascara on top of it for volume (like the Big Show above).

The tube is 0.3oz/ 9ml.

The Blast Off mascara (yellow, level 6 length, level 2 volume) with a curved brush has a different promise – to lengthen and curl the lashes.

On me, however, the Blast Off performs very similarly to the Lash Launcher, just because my lashes do not hold curls well at all.

I have had pretty good luck with curved wands in the past, since the curve brings the brush closer to my lashes once I do a little twist with the wand, so I would say the brush shape makes application easier for me, but not for the curls themselves.

The packaging colour combination in the Blast Off stands out the most in the bunch for me. The tube is slightly smaller – 0.28oz/ 8.5ml.

And lastly, the Supernova mascara (green, level 6 length, level 3 volume) promises an all-in-one result (length, volume and definition) with a conical brush held by a flexible neck.

I reach for this mascara when I want a quick no-fuss look. The pointed shape of the brush helps take care of the super short inner lashes, and the flexible wand is more gentle to the lash line (but would compromise a bit of control, naturally).

Standard size – 0.33oz/ 10ml.

Overall, I think Annabelle is enabling the “child” in us, makeup lovers, to come out and play. Different wands for different purposes, feel free to pick and choose.

All mascaras are $9.95 except the Expandable $10.95.

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