Annabelle TwistUps 24/$24

If you haven’t heard all the buzz on social media, today is the day Annabelle launches their 24-minute sale on all 24 shades of their TwistUp retractable lipstick crayons for $24 (valued almost $240, i.e.

90% off).

$1 for an awesome twist-up lipstick/ lip liner? That is unheard of. And the sale is online, which means my American friends could take advantage of it too.

So get to Annabelle website at 7pm EST today and snag yourself a set of TwistUps. Remember, you only have 24 minutes to finish the order. Pressure on! 🙂 I’ll tweet a few reminders when it’s time, so follow me on there if you haven’t (button at the top of left side bar).

Here is a snapshot of all 24 colours in the line. Check out swatches of all 12 core Annabelle TwistUps and 3 of the additional Fall TwistUps if you need to see them again.

Sure, there will be a shade or a few that might not suit your colour preference, but you can use a coloured base underneath them or a gloss over them. Or be a good friend and give those to friends who would enjoy the colour tone 🙂

I use mine almost everyday, as they are quick to put on and easy to carry around (no sharpener needed). Touchup after a meal is my favorite way to use them.

Have fun shopping!

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