Another great meal at BW

For my good friend’s birthday, we celebrated at the Brooklyn Warehouse- a spot that seems to be synonimous with birthdays in my life! To be honest, it seems like the best place to celebrate a bday; it’s a relaxed, comfortable spot, the servers are not only knowledgeable, but fun to boot- and then there’s the food….After settling down to a glass of L’Acadie Vineyard’s Brut, we placed our orders.
Though I normally go after one of BW’s tantalizing appys and incredible mains, I decided to change it up a little. After hearing about the soup of the day and did a light dinner comprised of soup & salad. Or at least I tried for a light dinner!
The roasted tomato soup & chickpea soup was thick and rich with a touch of spice. Served with a grilled, chewy sourdhough baguette, it was a meal in itself.

Soup of the Day
Roasted tomato & chickpea w/ sourdough

When my salad came, I was already pretty full, but made room for a couple bites. Lots of fresh veg was topped with meaty chickpeas and crispy pita with tons of crunch. Though I could only finish half, it was a delightful meal, and one that I’d definitely get again!
marinated cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion & chickpeas
tossed w/ fresh oregano, mint & parsley and topped with pita crisps

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