Chabaa Thai warms up a ‘chili’ night!

A couple Saturdays ago, a friend and I waited in line at Chabaa Thai for 30 minutes! I know- crazy! However, by the time we got to the resto we were so cold that venturing back out, unfed, was not an option. The other reason, was the fact that a jam-packed resto is normally a sign of good things!
We took advantage of our time in line and decided on our order. We shared Deep Fried Spring Rolls as an appy and moved on to an order of both Green and Masaman Curries.
And as the saying goes… “when in Thailand…” so we played the part and ordered two Singhas, a Thai beer that paired nicely with the spicy cuisine. How can you go wrong with Thai Spring Rolls? They were crispy and light and the sauce had a touch of spice.
Spring Rolls
Glass noodles, shredded cabbage, carrots and mushrooms, wrapped in a spring roll skin,
deep fried and served w/ sweet n’ sour sauce.

We made some good choices with the curries too. The Masaman was rich and earthy; the mild red curry sauce was slightly sweet from the addition of sweet potato and peanuts. The green curry on the other hand, was spiiiicy! I went with the vegetarian option, adding tofu for a little more body along with the crunchy bamboo and tender eggplant. Fresh basil leaves added a vibrant lemony flavour. I make an effort to try the green curry in every Thai resto that I go to in order to find my fave. This one was certainly worth the wait!

Masaman Curry
Red curry paste in coconut milk w/
sweet potatoes, onions, peanut sauce, chicken and tofu.
Green Curry
Green curry paste in coconut milk w/
mini eggplant, basil, bamboo shoots, red chilies & tofu

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