Art Bikers at the ROC


– fun, free, and taking art to the streets!

The 4Cs ART BIKERS are a team of young artists travelling by bicycle equipped with trailers full of art-making materials. The ART BIKERS ride to parks, public spaces, and neighbourhoods and set-up to guide voluntary participants in art activities.This program is for everyone (across abilities and ages) with an interest in having fun while working side-by-side to make art in a public space.

Who Are the ART BIKERS?

The ART BIKERS are young community arts facilitators trained in working with community through arts-based activities, safety, first aid, child development, and bike safety. This training combined with their skills in visual arts, music, and/or drama makes each ART BIKER a unique and well-prepared community arts facilitator.

Join the ART BIKERS at the ROC!! – 1714 Lower Prospect Road – Terence Bay.  July 29th to 30th

ART BIKERS – fun, free, and taking art to the streets!

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