Sears Outlet sale

2 sales posts in a row, sorry guys, I am just too excited.

Sears Outlet website has 40% off, today only. Just click on the red clock sign to add the code in the cart and you are good to go. I was browsing around, and found this. Hm…. where did I see it before? lol, they are the exact same shoes as the wrap around polka dot red shoes I bought from Sears Outlet store 2 days ago. They only have them in black though. I picked these shoes as a feature for the post (because they are fun), but there are a lot of stuff on the website for you to shop around.

Now, shipping (within Canada only) to a Sears store (store pick up) is free. However, there is a handling charge for all online order of CAD3. Unlike Outlet stores, Outlet website let you return the items within 10 days of delivery/pick up.

I believe that’d be enough info for you, in case you want to indulge in some shopping. Have fun!

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