Midweek shopping

We went to Old Navy last night for its special “extra 50% off all clearance items” promotion. It was a 2-day thing, and I wanted to be there right on the first day, so I skipped gym for it. Bad, I know 🙂 Another reason was that I got a 25% off coupon of Old Navy Weekly, so why not?

The women’s clearance section was sad, I couldn’t pick out anything at all. It was already hard enough to find my size (XS), not mentioning colours or styles. I was hoping they had some dresses there, but I saw none. On the positive note, I got 3 summer dresses for Squirt from children’s section. They were very cute, nice patterns/colours, even had some wooden beads on the straps. Orignially sold at CAD26.50, I paid $5.50 each. Scored! The bf also got some Ts for like CAD4 a piece, and a pair of jeans for CAD5.50. I love Old Navy sales.

A little disappointed, I went to Sally’s 🙂 My mom wanted some more haircolour touch up sticks. I got her the Claudia Stevens Cover That Grey Temporary Touch-up Stick) last time and she liked it. But this time in store, the Roux Temporary Haircolor Touch-Up Stick were buy 2 get 1 free, so I bought those instead. They only had 2 sticks in stock, so I only have 2 in the picture 🙂 I’ll have to come back to get the free one once they have more in storegave me a raincheck for the free one.

I also jumped on the Batiste dry shampoo wagon with the Original version. It was the last one in stock, so I didn’t even have a chance to try any other scent. I was able to use my $5 off coupon, so I wasn’t too cranky about the product being quite a bit more expensive than in the US (USD5.99 vs. CAD7.99), lol. I never use a dry shampoo before, don’t know whether it’s gonna take some practice.

In the background is my free GLOW magazine from Shoppers. Just a fun read about beauty, cosmetics, hair, etc. They sometimes have articles about relationship, health and stuff too.

The bf is flying to NY tomorrow for more than a week, so Squirt and I will spend our holiday (Natal Day) by ourselves. Don’t know whether I want to fight traffic to take her to see fireworks that night. Fellow Canadians, any plan for this long weekend?

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