Art Day in Lunenburg

Yesterday was a lovely day! We headed out to support Zehava and her daughter Nicole, in their first “mother daughter”art show at Jenny’s Jib. Left Halifax in the drizzle and arrived in Lunenburg to find the sun! Hooray.
This flower arrangement is beautiful. Can you see the Lunenburg “bump” outside the window?

Here they are, Nicole and Zehava! Nicole is a friend of my daughter’s too.

This is one of Zehava’s paintings. Love it!

There were delicious munchies and wine and a steady stream of interested fans.

This is one of Nicole’s paintings.

Lunenburg is a Unesco World Heritage site and is known for the bright red buildings along the waterfront. I have recently started watching a great television series on Showcase that was filmed here called Haven. It is supposed to be in Maine but………now you know. The scenery is gorgeous. You can watch episodes here They are coming back to shoot season 2 in the Spring. Based on a Stephen King book.

This is my daughter and another friend sitting having a chat. Look at their hair! The lady in the photo above, is the mom of pink!

A view out the window…see the blue sky? Yay! It stayed that way all day until we got back home.

Aren’t they adorable! Well done gals!

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