Art Installations at the Dataville Bunker

On Saturday, May 21st, I’m taking a wee roadtrip out to Debert to see a unique art installation and run around an underground bomb shelter. A good use of my Saturday.

An art show in a Diefenbunker is a pretty novel idea. Diefenbunkers are nuclear fallout bunkers built by the Government of Canada at the height of the Cold War. The biggest one is in Ontario, but Nova Scotia has one, too, just an hour and a half outside of Halifax.

This art show is the culmination of the work of Mitchell Wiebe and his friends.
Mitchell is currently artist in residence at the Cold War era bunker in Debert. The bunker was repurposed as an ultra efficient underground cloud computing facility, Dataville, by the IT company Bastionhost.

Mitchell has been granted the space to curate a dozen fellow artists: Graeme Patterson, Adriana Kuiper and Eleanor King to name a few. This event will provide a chance to visit the bunker and explore the halls of a meandering labyrinth. Unlike most gallery visits, this will be a unique experience for people to discover art installations amidst an atmosphere of large machines and vast rooms all contained within the intricate workings of the ‘underground cloud’.

I’m so excited about this concept and will be pleased to share photos and videos upon my return! That is, unless, the world does end that day. Then I’m staying in the bunker.

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